All about… Casa Plaice

Plaice House It is a popular restaurant for its impeccable trajectory, marked by a Michelin star and three Repsol suns.

It stands out for offering Galician cuisine, perfected to your liking and with unique flavor combinations.

Also, it is a minimalist and elegant space, perfect for each diner to be comfortable with the service.

Learn everything about Casa Solla: its history, evolution and the main dishes that are part of its menu.

History of Casa Plaice

Casa Plaice has more than 50 years of history, as well as the title of being the restaurant with the oldest Michelin star in Galicia with more than 40 uninterrupted years.

However, it took several years to become one of the most recognized places in all of Spain.

read on and Get to know the story behind this emblematic restaurant, run by Pepe Solla.

To complement, we leave you a video from the YouTube channel Tambora Films, where the history and service of Casa Solla is documented.

How was Casa Solla born?

The restaurant Casa Solla opened its doors in 1961, by the hand of Pepe Solla’s parents.

José and Amalia created a restaurant inside a typical Galician house, offering the most emblematic and traditional dishes of the region.

From the beginning, It was listed as a family restaurant. where diners feel at home.

This was an innovative fact, since in the area food houses abounded and not so much restaurants.

Its gastronomic offer began with simple recipes, which they perfected over the years until they had a more professional finish.

This earned them a Michelin star in 1980, which they have maintained through the years.

Evolution of Casa Plaice

If there is one word that completely marks Casa Solla, it is evolution.

After 20 years of hard work and local recognition, Pepe Solla joined the management of the business at the end of the 80s.

With the inclusion of his son in the family business, there was a transformation of the concept in which the dishes were reinvented under the inspiration of the cooking techniques of the moment.

At the beginning of the 2000s, Pepe Solla became the main manager of the restaurant, making honor family history and local culture.

For this reason, the restaurant was awarded in 2015 with the three Repsol suns.

Plaice House Menu

The Casa Solla menu is developed under the creativity of its chefs, using the freshest local ingredients.

All the vegetables, fish, vegetables and shellfish come from the vicinity of the restaurant, which gives an ecological and sustainable twist to the business.

Similarly, they care about use only products corresponding to the season.

Take a look at the menu options at Casa Solla, where you will find a perfect combination between the best of Galicia and gastronomic innovation.

restaurant main courses

Plaice House will surprise you with any of its dishes, since they are a complete delight.

Despite the fact that everything they prepare is exquisite, their main dishes stand out among all their recipes.

Part of the main courses that characterize this restaurant are:

  • Mussel, marinade and leeks.
  • Peanut, blood orange and beetroot.
  • Lamprey, royal on royal.
  • Tomato, chili and almond salad.
  • Seasoned bonito and red tuna belly.
  • Fish of the day, in all its value.
  • Seasonal mushrooms.
  • Sea bass, its emulsion and vegetable tartare.
  • Chocolate bubbles with orange and carrot.
  • Marine sausage.
  • Cachena beef tenderloin and saline salad.
  • Hake cococha, miso and citrus.
  • Apple, wasabi and aromatic juice.
  • guinea fowl, black trumpets and blueberries.
  • Potato, cucumber, razor clams and salad.
  • Pickled beetroot, strawberry and fermented cassava.
  • Artichokes, cockles and sea cream.
  • Roasted lobster, matured beef and ham fat.
  • Galician local cheese.
  • Kombu cured mackerel.

You usually find these dishes as part of their menus, as long as the products are available in season.

When visiting them you can choose between their Trasmallo menu at €64 per person, or their Piobardeira menu at €84 per person.

In addition, you can opt for their options with pairing: the Trasmallo menu with pairing at €108 per person, and the Piobardeira menu with pairing at €140 per person.

Where is Casa Solla?

Casa Solla restaurant is located at Avenida Sineiro 7, in Poio – Pontevedra.

How much does it cost to eat at Casa Solla?

The Casa Solla restaurant has two menus, made with the best products from the Galician town.

Their prices are:

* Trasmallo Menu: €64 per person.
* Piobardeira Menu: €84 per person.
* Trasmallo menu with pairing: €108 per person.
* Piobardeira menu with pairing: €140 per person.