All about… Elena Arzak

Elena Arzak is a Spanish chef whose career in the gastronomic world is marked by multiple recognitions and his job at the helm of the family business: Arzak Restaurant.

He has more than 30 years of career, in which he has been characterized by developing a creative, modern and innovative cuisine.

Learn about Elena Arzak, her life, training in gastronomy, the development of your professional career today and the role he plays in the Arzak Restaurant.

Biography of Elena Arzak

Elena Arzak’s biography is replete with important moments, both in personal life and in her career. training and development in the gastronomic world.

Likewise, it has an impeccable and constant trajectory that has led it to obtain the recognition it enjoys.

read on and learn in depth about the life of chef Elena Arzak, a recognized professional inside and outside of Spain for her gastronomic identity.

In the same way, we leave you a video from the YouTube channel Basque Culinary Centerwhere you will enjoy a Master class offered by chef Elena Arzak.

In it they develop important aspects of your life as well as his evolution in the kitchen and his creative vision.

Life of Elena Arzak

Elena Arzak was born in San Sebastian, capital of the Spanish province of Guipúzcoa, on July 4, 1969.

His parents are Maite Espina and Juan Mari Arzak, a Spanish chef known for being a benchmark for modern Basque cuisine.

He was always clear that cooking was his vocation, a passion boosted by the family gastronomic tradition.

Said roots began with his great-grandparents, who were dedicated to the world of catering by running a tavern and a food house.

Gastronomy Training

Elena Arzak began her training by performing a university orientation course at the German School of San Sebastián.

After finishing this course, he began his studies at the prestigious Schwezerische Hotelfachschule Luzern School of Hospitality in Switzerland, from 1988 to 1991.

After his studies at the School of Hospitality, he began working in different restaurants throughout Europe, of which he learned culinary techniques and gained experience in the kitchen.

Some of the restaurants where Elena Arzak trained as a chef were:

  • El Bulli (Roses).
  • Le Vivarois (Paris).
  • Antica Hosteria di Ponte Cassineta (Lugano).
  • La Gavroche (London).
  • Louis XV (Monte Carlo).
  • Pierre Gagniere (Paris).

Current professional career

After several years working on these high class restaurants, Led by the best chefs in Europe, she decided to work in the family restaurant: the Arzak restaurant.

She runs the kitchen with her father, at the same time that she is the main person in charge of creating delicious recipes with plates that generate a visual impact for diners.

Also, Elena Arzak has a frequent participation in different contests national and international gastronomy.

Arzak Restaurant

He Arzak Restaurant It is a family restaurant, with an interesting history and whose beginnings date back to 1897.

This business opened its doors as a tavern and wine cellar, directed by the grandparents of Juan Mari Arzak.

After years of operation, the tavern begins to be run by the parents of Juan Mari Arzak. From this point on, they began to make major changes to the business.

It turned into a food house popular among the inhabitants of the area, thanks to its traditional recipes and its banquet service for celebrations.

In 1966, Juan Mari Arzak became manager of the establishment. His specialty was traditional Basque dishes, with personal touches.

The quality of the restaurant earned it the National Gastronomy Award and its Michelin star in 1974. Likewise, it won its second Michelin star in 1977 and its third star in 1989.

In the nineties, Elena Arzak began her career in the restaurant. She works alongside her father, creating dishes that combine innovation and culinary tradition.

For this they have a laboratory and a bank of flavors, which the best combinations of ingredients are evaluated.

Main recipes of the Arzak Restaurant

Within the long history of Arzak Restaurantwhat are the main recipes that capture the attention of critics and diners?

First, visitors can enjoy a tasting menu and à la carte dishes that vary every day or according to the season and availability.

In this way, they offer a dish prepared with fresh ingredients and different from others that they have tried in the establishment.

however, always There are dishes that characterize the restaurant. Some of these recipes that are prepared in the Arzak Restaurant are:

  • Basque Hake Arzak.
  • Handled bud clips.
  • Veal stew “in its ink”.
  • Kabrarroka cake.
  • Squab terpenes.
  • Cuttlefish with tear and skin.
  • Nice smoked with cinnamon.
  • Squid with rum oil.

Who is Elena Arzak?

Elena Arzak is a prestigious Spanish chef, with more than 30 years of career in the development of creative, modern and innovative cuisine.

He has run the Arzak Restaurant since the 1990s, together with his father Juan Mari Arzak.

What is Elena Arzak’s background?

He studied at the Schwezerische Hotelfachschule Luzern Hotel School in Switzerland.

After his studies at the Hotel School, he worked in restaurants throughout Europe such as El Bulli, Le Vivarois, Antica Hosteria di Ponte Cassineta, La Gavroche, Louis XV and Pierre Gagniere.