Best creperies in Brussels

Do you want to visit the best creperies in Brussels? Crepes are a delight of French gastronomy, the favorites of many, thanks to their delicacy and the infinite combinations of ingredients with which they can be accompanied.

They are similar to pancakes, with the difference that they are thinner and their base is a liquid mixture.

Take a look at which are the best creperies in Brussels and do not hesitate to visit them during your visit to the Belgian capital.

The 5 best creperies in Brussels

The five best crêperies in Brussels stand out for offer exceptional service.

Not only do they have remarkable customer service, but their products are of high quality and prices are affordable for anyone who visits them.

Take a look at the best options in the city to enjoy this delicious dish, at any time of the day with a coffee or hot chocolate.

The House of Crêpes

The House of Crêpes

La Maison des Crêpes is among the Five best creperies in Brussels.

Each person who visits it is amazed with the quality, excellent service and good prices of the establishment.

In its menu you will find sweet and savory crepe options, made with buckwheat flour.

Some that you can try are ham and cheese, strawberry jam, bacon, sugar and lemon mushrooms, salmon with sour sauce, white chocolate, maple syrup, cheese chicken, chocolate ice cream and caramelized apple.

They also have vegetarian options such as crepes three cheeses, Italian, goat cheese with spinach and Provencal.

Its establishment is cozy, with tables on the terrace and inside the establishment. It also has incredible views of the city.

This restaurant is located at Rue du Midi 13, Brussels; a few meters from the Great Plaza.

capoue ixelles

capoue ixelles

Capoue Ixelles takes third place among the best creperies in Brussels.

This store has years offering incredible crepes, expertly prepared by hand.

Their focus is to serve gourmet products, so each season they tend to vary the crepe options based on seasonal products.

However, some of his classics that never change They are the sugar crepes, vanilla ice cream with chocolate, apple with cinnamon, praline ice cream with caramelized popcorn, brownie pieces and the flambéed crepes.

Its establishment is spacious and cozy, with comfortable tables and a large patio with simple decoration.

It is located in a multicultural area, with a beautiful architecture and various shows. Therefore, it is a safe stop before taking a tour of this region of Brussels.

His address is bye. from Boondael 395A.



Added to the list of the best creperies in Brussels is Mokafe, a business located inside the Galeries Saint-Hubert.

It has a varied menu with delicious dishes from traditional Belgian cuisine, as well as from different cuisines around the world.

We invite you to encourage you to try their different dishes, leaving the best to close the experience: its exquisite crepes.

On its menu you will find flavors such as chocolate, apples, chocolate with bananas, sugar, northern cherries, mikado and ice cream.

Can complement them with whipped cream to taste, at an additional cost.

Accompany your crepes with its different drink options such as coffee, milkshakes, wines, beers, infusions, fresh fruit juices, lemonades and cocktails.

They have one elegant and cozy decoration inside the establishment, as well as comfortable tables in front of the premises with a privileged view of the structure of the Galleries.

Visit its headquarters located at Galeri du Roi 9, close to the Grand Plaza.

Brunch Corner

Brunch Corner

Brunch Corner is a cozy space where you can enjoy the amazing taste of their crepes.

Your letter includes sweet and savory versions of this French recipe.

You can choose between feta cheese crepes, sugar, cheese with minced meat, honey with butter, Gouda cheese, Nutella and melted cheese with spicy sausage.

They are available at any time of the day, so you can enjoy them during brunch or an afternoon snack.

Its establishment has an attractive and cozy decoration, where you will spend a pleasant and memorable moment.

You can find it at Av. Louis Bertrand 52, close to the Schaerbeek Museum of Beer.

Drug Opera

Drug Opera

Finally, we recommend you visit Drug Opera, another establishment that serves the best crepes in Brussels.

It is a café, bar and restaurant acclaimed by its visitors, thanks to the quality of its service and gastronomic offer.

Your letter has a variety of dishes and ideal drinks to enjoy at any time of the day.

In the case of crepes, they are offered as a sweet option for your mornings or snacks on a walk around the city.

They serve sugar crepes, mikado, jams, vanilla ice cream with strawberries, ice cream with Grand Merrier, fresh fruits, ice cream, Belgian chocolate and the Norwegian version.

Your establishment will capture your attention from a distance. It is a building with an old yellow facade, with black details and a huge sign with the name of the business.

Has tables inside and outside the establishment, so you can choose to enjoy your crepes in the warmth of the premises or admiring the beauty of the city from its terrace.

Its premises are located at Rue Gretry 51.

you already have the data of the best creperies in Brussels, It only remains for you to plan your visit and delight yourself with your favorite dish at any time of the day.

What are the best creperies in Brussels?

The best creperies you will find in Brussels are:
* La Maison des Crêpes (Rue du Midi 13).
* Capoue Ixelles (Chau. de Boondael 395A).
* Mokafe (Galeri du Roi 9).
* Brunch Corner (Av. Louis Bertrand 52).
* Drug Opera (Rue Gretry 51).