Best restaurants in Australia

Surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans, Australia It is a country with an impressive climate, abundant hours of sunshine and majestic nature. His lifestyle prevails for al fresco dining, enjoying the best wines and food in the world with an unbeatable view.

Its main coastal cities are made up of Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide. Each one with wonderful natural landscapes and a variety of fresh and tempting products that make up its gastronomic culture.

This country has a wide repertoire of establishments that tell the story of its excellent gastronomy. Come and join us to know in the following list, the best restaurants in australia with the highest quality standards.

The 10 Best Restaurants in Australia

Located on the continent of Oceania, Australia is known for the Sydney Opera House, Great Barrier Reef and Outback desert. It has a large size and diversity of landscapes and climates, made up of deserts, tropical forests and mountain ranges.

The gastronomy in Australia It is defined by a set of different typical foods, which characterize its multicultural historical past. This gastronomic fusion covers the indigenous food of the aborigineswith influences from others cuisines such as European and Asian.

Among its delicious dishes, there are many pies and pies, roast cuts of meat, grilled steaks, chicken, accompanied with vegetables. The typical dishes par excellence in Australia are the meatloaf and gravy, kangaroo, crocodile and emu meat. In addition, you can taste the freshness of fish and shellfish, of excellent quality.

As we can observe, Australia offers countless culinary adventures, but is also one of the largest exporters of wine in the world. Its wine culture allows the creation of new and innovative flavors of red, rosé and white wines, They are the envy of the whole world.

Tour the iconic cities of Australiaand enjoy the magical experience of its gastronomy with spectacular views, from the 10 Best Restaurants in Australia.


Best restaurants in Australia

This haute cuisine restaurant has a beautiful panoramic view of the Harbor Bridge and the iconic Sydney Opera House. Its brilliant views combine with sophisticated dishes that rival the best cuisines in the world, in a cozy atmosphere and with excellent service.

In Quay you can taste the best australian cuisinewith a full eight course menu. His recipes include marrow noodles, slow-cooked pork jowls, the surprising sea urchin, and well-crafted white crab appetizers. In addition, its menu has delicious desserts and drinks that are impossible to resist.

The wonderful views and its innovative menu make this restaurant one of the best to eat in Sydney and live a truly unforgettable experience.

Cutler & Co.

Best restaurants in Australia

Cutler & Co. is an upscale Australian restaurant in the Melbourne suburbs. It features a luxurious design of exposed walls and black accessories, exuding a wonderful elegance that will make you feel pampered while enjoying your meal.

This restaurant is known for the modern Australian food, open kitchen and contemporary three or four course menu. His recipes draw on dishes like roasted cod, marinated tuna, pristine seafood, traditional rare-breed meats, and strawberry sorbet.

The spaces of Cutler & Co. They have an open dining room and bar, ideal for holding events. In addition to a closed dining room, to immerse yourself in the private atmosphere of the restaurant.

Explore the variety of its dishes, along with its cocktail and spirits menu, enjoying the best service from its friendly and attentive waiters.

San Telmo

Best restaurants in Australia

This Argentinian spirit steakhouse, has as a philosophy that the most important thing in life is to eat and drink in the company of friends, family and lovers. Its warm and welcoming bohemian atmosphere emulates San Telmo, the oldest neighborhood in Buenos Aires with traditional grill restaurants, bars and beautiful colonial buildings.

Open from noon to night, it offers a shared menu that unites people as a delicious roast. Its custom-made artisanal charcoal grill offers the best aged beef and other exquisite smoked options. It has excellent waiter service, as well as an unbeatable wine and cocktail menu.

Enjoy the charming bohemian art and weekend street market of Melbourneaccompanied by a delicious Argentine barbecue in San Telmo.

Market Dining Room

Best restaurants in Australia

Located in one of the most famous gastronomic venues in sydney, has a cozy atmosphere in which its clients feel relaxed and enjoy a very pleasant time. In addition, it has an admirable staff, which offers diners a great experience and sophisticated service.

This restaurant has a contemporary Australian Menu, kitchen inspired Spanish and Mediterranean full of simple but delicious flavors. Its products include smoked meats, homemade cheeses, desserts, Spanish wine and beer, as well as the delicious Negroni cocktail.

A place worth visiting again and again, to taste the new flavors of international cuisine that the Market Dining Room has for you


Best restaurants in Australia

It is a well-known fine-dining establishment that boasts a quaint size and clean design, making it one of the best restaurants in australia. Their menu is small but ever-changing, boasting incredibly creative small plate presentations and indulgent flavors.

The attica restaurant offers a unique menu and exquisite experience, with tasting of various dishes. His recipes based on local myths and personal experiences from the chef, include native ingredients such as bunya nuts, limes and unusual herbs. Among its dishes stands out the Happy Little Vegemite, Sticky Wattle and Pearl Dumpling.

Enjoy the best of emotional australian cuisine and that goes beyond the limits of gastronomy, in the Attica restaurant.

The noble experiment

Best restaurants in Australia

This wonderful 1920s style barIt serves one of the best meals in the country. Its pleasant environment has three levels ready for fun, ideal for holding large events between 15 and 160 people.

The noble experiment offers a variety of international dishes and traditional food, ready to take away or eat on site with prior reservation. Its delicious recipes are accompanied by an extensive menu of cocktails and spirits served by friendly and attentive waiters.

The ideal place to enjoy a delicious cheese board, an evening cocktail, a midnight snack and why not, to move your body.


Best restaurants in Australia

Braeis a contemporary restaurant that is located in a country house of a organic farm in Victoria. His concept of local, ethical and sustainable productsare the sample of an Australian kitchen that has an immense respect for nature.

It has a menu that changes every day according to the production of the farm, so its products are the freshest you can find. Between his Ingredients highlight seasonal vegetables, stone fruits, citrus, nuts, berries, olives, honey, and wheat grains.

The property has trails for visitors to walk around the place and connect with the food they eat. A simple but elegant country house, with one of the gastronomic offers Australia’s top rated.

Pee Wee’s at the Point

Best restaurants in Australia

This modern beachfront restauranthas an outdoor patio and has a cuisine based on agricultural products. Its cozy atmosphere offers its guests a relaxed atmosphere where they can have a great time.

It has a varied menu that goes from a simple baked buffalo mozzarella to a portion of seared rack of lamb. You can also find tasty scallops, bacon and perfectly cooked oysters, which you can accompany with irresistible desserts and drinks.

Pee Wee’s at the Point is one of the best casual dining restaurants, giving away an iconic gastronomic experience of the northern australia.

Foglia Di Fico

Best restaurants in Australia

Specializing in authentic Italian cuisine, Foglia Di Fico has the addition of Melbourne’s best steaks. Its homely atmosphere, charming and interestingly decorated, allows your guests to relax after a long day of work.

This restaurant offers a gastronomic variety that includes options of 5 course meal. His wonderful recipes stand out for the pasta with salmon, his generous bacon and the perfectly prepared ribeye. Among its drinks is the irresistible house wine, Italian beer and the unbeatable white wine.

Foglia Di Fico It contributes with its elegant menu, an innovative gastronomy, with a delicate touch to modern Italian cuisine, respecting the products of nature.

Rockpool Bar & Grill

Best restaurants in Australia

Rockpool Bar & Grilloffers a culinary experience rich in meat and seafood from the main producers of Australia. It has a presence in three wonderful cities of the country such as Sydney, Melbourne and Perth with unparalleled views to enjoy.

Its varied menu stands out for the attractive wagyu steak, the perfectly prepared oysters and its unique beef tripe, which are a unique experience. You can also sweeten your meal with the delicate muffins, the well-prepared cupcakes and the amazing pavlova cake.

A wonderful place, with modern decoration and a pleasant atmosphere, which gives its clients a moment of relaxation.

Live the best experience and enjoy the Australian cuisine touring its beautiful streets, monuments and open spaces.

Frequently asked questions

Next, we resolve the most common concerns by internet users when looking for the Best restaurants in Australia.

What are the best restaurants in Australia?

Because of the multicultural influences present in the history of Australia, this country offers a varied and exquisite gastronomy to its diners. Its streets and avenues have a wide variety of restaurants to enjoy the delights of traditional and international cuisine.

Between the best restaurants in australia they find each other Brae, Attica, Quay, Ester, Saint Peter, San Telmo, and among others. Each one characterized by its exquisite food, quality of its products, impeccable service and a wonderful atmosphere to spend a pleasant time.

What is the best restaurant in Australia?

Recognized by different awards and prizes, Brae is considered the Australia’s best restaurant. Located in a melbourne hillsideits genuine concept of sustainability demonstrates an enormous respect for nature, with its seasonal local foods.

In this place, diners can immerse themselves in nature and eat the ingredients produced on the farm from the land. brae farm. In addition, in its delicate paths you can walk to explore the property and connect with the food they are consuming.