Best restaurants in Brussels

The best restaurants in Brussels They offer a delicious gastronomic offer, at good costs.

Although they do not dedicate themselves to the same gastronomy, they have in common the recognition for their excellent service.

Find out what these businesses are, what they do and dare to go through them.

The 10 best restaurants in Brussels

Brussels is a city full of culture and good gastronomy.

Therefore, on your way through this beautiful city, we recommend you visit the 10 best restaurants in Brussels.

These businesses will offer you the typical dishes of the country, with the best quality and price on the market.



Among the best restaurants in Brussels is Vitalgaufre. It is open since 1998, serving the delicious and traditional Belgian waffles.

Although you can find hundreds of street stalls that offer you this dish, the quality is in the kitchens of this chain.

Their waffles are popular forever being freshly made and with a beautiful golden color.

As for its texture, it has a balance between crunchy on the outside and spongy on the inside.

You can eat your waffle natural, as well as you can accompany him with an infinity of toppings they have in the store.

The traditional vanilla batter is perfect, but we recommend trying their other waffle flavors like cinnamon, raspberry, cinnamon apple, and chocolate.

They are prepared at the moment, using local ingredients and no preservatives.

Our recommendation is that you try the waffles with pieces of chocolate. They will fascinate you!

It has branches at Rue Neuve, 23-29 and Quai de Mariemont 53c.

C’Est Bon C’Est Belge

C'Est Bon C'Est Belge

C’Est Bon C’Est Belge is another of the best restaurants in Brussels, thanks to the quality of their dishes.

This is the ideal business to enjoy traditional Belgian gastronomy, serving dishes prepared with family recipes.

In his letter you find typical dishes such as Waterzooi chicken, Duck rillettes on toast, Liège-style meatballs, fish with mashed potatoes, Stoemp, honey goat cheese salad, radicchio gratin and meatballs in tomato sauce.

Our recommendation is that you try the Carbonade Flamande, a traditional beef stew cooked in beer.

You can also choose to order their five-course tasting menu, accompanied by a pairing of local beers.

They care about the needs of each client, so their menu contains options suitable for vegetarians

You can enjoy the service in your terrace or at the tables within the establishment.

It is located at 3 Rue de Rollebeek.

Le Marmiton

Le Marmiton

Another of the best restaurants in Brussels is Le Marmiton.

Its gastronomic offer is made up of dishes from the French and Belgian gastronomy.

In your menu you will find a variety of options for soups, oysters, mussels, pasta, vegetables and meats.

Some of its emblematic dishes are duck magret with orange sauce, pasta with pesto sauce, rabbit leg in beer, mussels in white wine, escargots with garlic butter, French fries and the classic Waterzooi.

You can also enjoy several of their best dishes by ordering one of their three tasting menus: Sympa, Marmiton or Mother Morelle.

Another positive point of this restaurant is that it offers vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-free dishes.

It is a beautiful establishment thanks to its exposed brick walls, gilt mirrors, large windows and a elegant spiral staircase that connects the two floors of the restaurant.

You can find it at Galeire de la Reine 38, Rue des Bouchers 43.

Noordzee Mer du Nord

Noordzee Mer du Nord

If you are looking for a good restaurant to eat fresh fish and seafood, Noordzee Mer du Nord is the Best restaurant in Brussels.

Its specialties are oysters, razor clams, mussels, prawns, snails, squid and cod; prepared in different presentations, according to the availability of ingredients.

Some of them are croquettes, Roman squid, fried fish, cod burger and grilled razor clams.

They also serve their popular fish soup, served together with wholemeal bread and grated cheese.

A positive point for this restaurant is that the dishes are served freshly made and ready to eat. Their seafood products are even so fresh that they are sold on the premises.

They have an excellent selection of white wines and beers to accompany your dishes.

They don’t have chairs, but they do have a bar and high tables so you can eat in peace.

You can visit their establishment located at Place Sainte-Catherine 50.

Bia Mara

Bia Mara

Bia Mara is a restaurant that you will love for its good food, as well as its location in the old town of Brussels.

It is one of the most popular fast food places in the city, partly because of its incredible plate of fish and chips.

If you are not a fan of fish, they have a version of this dish whose main ingredient is chicken. Likewise, They serve delicious fried calamari.

You can accompany them with their variety of homemade sauces, which combine perfectly.

As for drinks, they have different types of local and international beers which is worth trying.

It has a nice terrace and tables inside the establishment. However, it is not enough to meet the demand they have, so we recommend you visit it outside of peak hours.

You too They offer the possibility of ordering to go. serving your order in sturdy cardboard boxes so that you can take them with you to your destination.

It is located at Rue du Marché aux Poulets 41, Brussels, Belgium.

divine pasta

divine pasta

Another of the best restaurants you will find in Brussels It’s Divine Pasta.

This Italian restaurant has captivated the hearts of locals and tourists, through each dish.

The house specialty is fresh pasta, made with the best ingredients imported from Italy.

They are served with any option within its variety of sauces, prepared at the moment to guarantee its freshness and good flavor.

You can choose the one you want or Trust the chef’s specialty.

Its menu also includes delicious antipasti such as cheese boards and Italian sausages.

Your establishment has limited capacity, so we recommend you book before visiting it.

You can find it in the Saint Hubert Royal Galleries, Rue de la Montagne 16.

To the Subite Death

To the Subite Death

A la Mort Subite is one of the oldest restaurants in Brussels. Its decoration remains as in its opening, so visiting it will be like a trip back in time.

This business has the particularity of being considered one of the best breweries in the city, thanks to its wide range of local and international beers.

This has made the restaurant included in popular Belgian beer tours.

Not only are they limited to selling beer, they also have starters and tapas that are perfect to accompany them.

Some of their best dishes are salmon quiche, Dutch cheese bread, tuna ensañada, omelettes served with bread and butter, chicken salad, Lorena quiche, curly salad with bacon, French fries and cheese board.

As if that was enough, too They have desserts and hot drinks.

This place is located at Rue Montagne aux Herbes Potagères 7.

Grimbergen Cafe

Grimbergen Cafe

Another of the options that you can visit among the best restaurants in Brussels It’s Grimbergen Cafe.

This business stands out for offering the best dishes of Belgian gastronomy, prepared following the traditional recipes and served with generous portions.

Among the dishes that you can enjoy in this restaurant you will find the steamed mussels, French fries, pork knuckle, fish or chicken stew, escargots, fried calamari, beer ale and meatballs in tomato sauce.

They also have a selection of more than 20 types of national and international beer to accompany their dishes.

Also have wines, champagne, digestives and hot drinks.

They have a spacious internal lounge, as well as a terrace with beautiful views of the city.

You can find it at Place Sainte-Catherine 22.

Tonton Garby

Tonton Garby

One of the best restaurants in Brussels is Tonton Garby, which It stands out for its quality and affordable prices.

The specialty of this small restaurant are sandwiches, prepared with whatever ingredients you want to add.

You can also enjoy the soup of the day served in a glass, to warm you during the low temperatures of winter.

Their sandwiches are priced from €6.5, depending on the number of ingredients you choose to add.

The most popular sandwich they prepare is the one with cheese, simple but full of flavor.

As for the place, it is very small and has few tables. Therefore, we recommend you order your sandwich to go and eat it calmly.

You can visit their establishment located at Rue Duquesnoy 6.



Finally, Delirium is the place suitable for beer lovers.

In fact, it has a Guinness Record for having the largest number of varieties of beer, with a menu that contains more than 3,000 types.

Beers are served national and international origin, with intense and different flavors from each other.

Some of the varieties have been made with ginger, chocolate, hot pepper, banana, spices and coconut.

And in case you are still not surprised, we have another news: They have a beer suitable for celiacs!

The place is unique, due to the variety of Antique items lining the walls of the establishment.

This temple to beer is located at Impasse de la Fidélité 4.

The most beautiful restaurant in Brussels

The most beautiful restaurant in Brussels

If there is one more destination in your itinerary, we recommend you go through the most beautiful restaurant in Brussels.

Le Rabassier is a fusion cuisine restaurant, between Belgian and French gastronomy.

Not only is your establishment a sight to anyone who enters, but his dishes could be classified as edible works of art.

You can enjoy its offer by ordering any of its four tasting menus.

Regardless of the menu you decide to try, you will notice that the Black truffles have an important role in every recipe.

They take care of every detail of the dish, making sure to highlight the flavors and textures of the food in a harmonious way.

It is located at Rue de Rollebeek 23.