Best Restaurants in Casablanca, Morocco

choose all 5 best restaurants in Casablanca, Morocco it was not easy. Especially, because it is one of the cities that is most concerned with offering a diverse gastronomic proposal, for all tastes and budgets.

However, we did our homework and compiled the ones that managed to stand out in recent years. We include restaurants that specialize solely in Moroccan food and also restaurants with other types of cuisine.

The 5 Best Restaurants in Casablanca, Morocco

Below is the list of the 5 best restaurants in Casablanca, Morocco.

the sqala

Best Restaurants in Casablanca Morocco

We start our list of Best restaurants to eat in Casablanca with La Sqala. It is a small Moroccan palace that houses a beautiful garden inside that will help you disconnect from the bustle of the city.

That means that it is not only your best alternative to taste the moroccan cuisine, but also helps you connect with the peace of nature. On its menu you will find native specialties such as tajines and couscous.

Its interior presents ocher walls of an 18th century fortified bastion. In addition, you can enjoy live Moroccan showsavailable three times a week to improve the atmosphere inside the place and make your experience more complete.

The Cellar

Best Restaurants in Casablanca Morocco

The next thing we want to talk about is La Bodega, a restaurant that specializes in typical spanish cuisine. We decided to include it so that you have a place to eat when you want to vary a bit from Moroccan food.

It is one of the trending places in Casablanca, since houses a bar on your ground floor. In addition, in this space of the establishment they have a DJ that will make your nights more fun, especially if you are one of the night adventurers.

Keep in mind that La Bodega is a tapas restaurant in Casablanca, Morocco. Imagine eating some patatas bravas or croquettes, while enjoying a good drink with your friends and family.

Rick’s Cafe

Best Restaurants in Casablanca Morocco

If your expectations are to visit a restaurant that was the set of a movie, then you must visit Rick’s Café. In fact, part of its great popularity is due to the fact that the film Casablanca (1942) was recorded in its spaces.

We are talking about a well-deserved fame because its structure consists of an old courtyard-style mansion where you will have a great time. Besides, his international kitchen specialized in fresh seafood and local vegetables They will leave you wanting to repeat.

Rick’s Café restaurant is surely the most romantic establishment you will find on our list. It even has a beautiful piano inside that allows you to create the perfect atmosphere for a special meal.


Best Restaurants in Casablanca Morocco

Here we have alternatives for all palates and for lovers of japanese cuisine we have Sakura restaurant. If you are looking for an establishment to eat the best sushi in Casablanca, this is it.

On its menu you will not only find sushi, but also sashimi and makis made with fresh and good quality ingredients. Something characteristic of this restaurant is that the owners have the habit of approaching diners at some point to greet them personally and welcome them.

As if that were not enough, in Sakura they offer live performances by teppan-yaki, a show that will bring you closer to Japanese culture. So that you not only try their food, but also share a bit of their traditions.

give beida

Best Restaurants in Casablanca Morocco

Dar Beida is a restaurant where you can appreciate the authentic belly dance show accompanied by a regional orchestra. This will allow you to live a more complete experience during your visit to the city.

At Dar Beida they not only have professional bellydancers, but also a menu where you will find different Moroccan cuisine specialties such as tajines and couscous. All its dishes are made with local and seasonal ingredients to offer the diner the best.

Keep in mind that in this establishment they do not only focus on the food, but also on the experience. In fact, part of their business goals is to ensure a experience that contributes to tourism.

Which of the top restaurants in Casablanca, Morocco What did you find here would you like to visit first?

Frequently asked questions

We will tell you which are the best restaurants in Casablanca in this block of the section. In addition, we will tell you what is the typical dish of this Moroccan city, so continue with us to discover them.

What are the best restaurants in Casablanca?

In Casablanca, Morocco there are restaurants for all palates. We will leave you here what we believe are the best to eat and have a different time.

give beida: They offer a complete experience, good food and Arabic dance shows.

Sakura: His specialty is Japanese cuisine made with fresh ingredients. They will attend to you immediately.

Rick’s Cafe: It is the perfect alternative for special dinners thanks to its romantic and elegant atmosphere.

The Cellar: They have the best Spanish dishes in all of Casablanca and you will hardly find someone who thinks otherwise.

the sqala: You will eat typical Moroccan food and enjoy a live Moroccan show.

What is the typical Casablanca dish?

During your visit to Casablanca you cannot stop trying its tajines, couscous and pills. These are the most typical proposals that you will find in the area and are characterized by being well seasoned for greater pleasure to your palate.

tajines: Served on a thick terracotta plate that looks like a hat to the naked eye. The tajines can be made with lemon chicken or beef and accompanied by vegetables such as zucchini, carrots, tomatoes and potatoes.

couscous: It is a dish that is served on Friday, after the most important prayer of the week. It can be made with chicken or beef and is accompanied by seven vegetables such as zucchini, carrot, pumpkin, eggplant, sweet potato, turnip and tomato.

Tablets: It is an important dish for culture because it is usually served when you want to pay tribute to someone. It consists of a kind of round cake, usually filled with seafood or chicken.