Best restaurants in Tokyo

Your visit to the Japanese capital cannot end before visiting its best culinary temples. Since in Tokyo there are not only spectacular landscapes, but also restaurants that will leave you looking forward to another bite.

From TastyRank we have evaluated the best options to create a list only with the best restaurants in Tokyo, where you can eat delicious and without spending too much.

An experience on another level that we are sure you will enjoy in each of these places. Let’s go there!

Top 10 Restaurants in Tokyo

Next, discover the 10 best restaurants in Tokyo where eating will become an unforgettable experience.

Genki Sushi

Best restaurants in Tokyo

We start our list of the best restaurants to eat in Tokyo with Genki Sushi. This establishment should be a safe stop for you and your companions because they serve one of the best sushi in all Japan.

Remember, sushi is emblematic of Japanese culture, therefore you are obliged to visit them. The best thing is that it is located a few steps from the famous Shibuya crossing and its value for money is unbeatable.

It is surely the most affordable restaurant on our list, something that you will be able to verify when you visit it. In fact, they have a wide variety of offers of two pieces of sushi or nigiri so that your culinary experience is pleasant.


Best restaurants in Tokyo

The next restaurant worth visiting is Saizeriya. We decided to include it in this list of the best not only because of the high quality products that they offer to their clientele, but also because they are a different proposal in the face of so much sushi.

We are talking about an establishment that specializes in the Italian gastronomy. Among its best attractions, its menu stands out, which is made up of a wide range of pizzas and pastas made with a variety of ingredients.

In addition, it is a cozy establishment with small allegorical details of Italian culture. Also It includes an all-you-can-eat buffet of salads, starters, drinks and desserts to improve the experience of your diners. Undoubtedly, an option to take into account when you want to take a break from Japanese gastronomy.

MOS Burger

Best restaurants in Tokyo

In our list you will find restaurants for all palates. That is why you cannot miss visiting the MOS Burger, a charming establishment where you can taste a wide variety of burgers.

Its hamburger menu will captivate you because it consists of different alternatives and that vary in dimensions and ingredients. That means that you can choose between a delicious beef burger or a vegan burger, among others.

As if that were not enough, it is one of the most affordable fast food restaurants from the city of Tokyo. So not only will you eat deliciously, but you will also continue saving to invest in tourist activities of your interest.

Bento Shop

Best restaurants in Tokyo

The best restaurant take away from Tokyo is Bento Shop, a small place run by very helpful, attentive and friendly staff. You will receive such pleasant treatment that you will want to stay longer than you should, there is no doubt.

It is important to mention that his specialty is bentos. These are little boxes that are prepared with multiple ingredients, although they are mostly rice, meat or fish and vegetables as a side dish.

The advantage of being only take away is that you can eat your order wherever you want. This means that you will be able to continue discovering emblematic places in Tokyo while tasting one of the best culinary proposals that this culture has to offer.

Katsu Midori Seibu Shibuya

Best restaurants in Tokyo

The Katsu Midori Seibu Shibuya is the restaurant to eat sushi The biggest one in Tokyo, Japan. But don’t be fooled by its dimensions, it’s always packed with hungry customers waiting for their sushi fix.

Something remarkable about this establishment is that its menu is not only made up of sushi. There are more Japanese dishes like ramen, a Japanese noodle soup that can be served with chicken, tenderloin, or eggs; etc.

This is a modern establishment designed to offer experiences formidable. In fact, you can place your order through an Ipad and it will arrive at the table in record time through a conveyor belt.

Harajuku Gyōzaro

Best restaurants in Tokyo

We continue with the Harajuku Gyozaro restaurant, an emblematic establishment in the city of Tokyo. That because They specialize in making gyozas.a very native recipe of Japanese gastronomy.

Keep in mind that they present two varieties of gyozas, some boiled and others fried. In addition, you can decide whether or not to add garlic, since in this establishment they care that the diner feels well cared for.

We are talking about a picturesque space with allegorical details to Japanese culture. They even have a drinks menu where their beers stand out and will surely surprise you because they have a very characteristic flavor.

Shake Shack

Best restaurants in Tokyo

On the streets of Tokyo there is also a Shake Shack restaurant. Which is a safe bet for those tourists who are not yet fully familiar with Japanese cuisine and want to taste the best of the american fast food.

At Shake Shack you will find hamburgers, hot dogs, beers, wines, etc. Elaborations made with fresh, high-quality ingredientsall this to guarantee that the client has a pleasant experience in each bite.

Keep in mind that it is one of the most expensive restaurants on our list. However, the quality of its products, the immediate attention and the comfortable environment make every coin invested worth it.

Suke6 Diner

Best restaurants in Tokyo

Suke6 Diner features a relaxed atmosphere similar to that of a coffee shop vintage. In fact, customers who visit them frequently say that the picturesqueness of the establishment is one of its best attractions.

At Suke6 Diner you will find an offer specializing in hamburgers, avocado toast and multiple salads. They also offer you some native japan drinks like sake and syou-chû.

Though It is affordable and its attention is very neatIt is not one of the larger establishments on our list. Therefore, it is advisable not to go at peak hours to avoid hours of waiting for a table to become free.

mr donut

Best restaurants in Tokyo

Our intention is to sweeten your visit to Tokyo, so we recommend you visit Mr. Donut. They are more than a restaurant the universe of donutswith a wide variety of options for you to choose according to your taste and budget.

you can choose your box of 8 traditional donuts that will take your breath away. And not only because it integrates the brand’s most popular donuts, but because this alternative will help you save considerably.

Before visiting them, keep in mind that their menu is addictive. They also offer an interesting variety of drinks where coffee and soda stand out, so that you have something to pass the taste that excess sweetness leaves you with.


Best restaurants in Tokyo

The last on our list is Jomon, a restaurant where you will find the best yakitori from all over tokyo. These are Japanese skewers made from local and totally fresh ingredients, since they are very demanding with the quality they offer.

In Jomon you will find a menu of 8 assorted skewers quite affordable. So it is an interesting alternative for visitors who are on a tight budget, but who want Try all of Japan’s gastronomy.

It is a small but cozy establishment where you will have a great time. The only point against it is that it tends to fill with smoke in all corners of the premises when the kitchen is running. So it is not appropriate for people with respiratory problems.

Here we present what we believe are the best restaurants in tokyo to eat and have a good time. If you think we missed any, let us know in the comments section.

Frequently asked questions

At this point in the section we want to answer the most common questions that customers send us. Internet users referring to good eating in Tokyo, Japan. We hope we can dispel all doubts.

How much does it cost to eat in a restaurant in Tokyo?

If you visit Tokyo in the next few days, you definitely have to take a good bite of the best of its cuisine. To help you in the process we will tell you what is the approximate cost eating in a restaurant in Tokyo, Japan.

The main dish in a restaurant it will cost between 500 and 1000 yen. That equates to between €3.47 and €6.94.

The sushi menu it will cost between 160 and 700 yen per plate. That equates to between €1.11 and €4.86.

The dinner in a restaurant A la carte is between 2,000 and 3,000 yen. That equates to between €1.39 and €2.08.

The bentō or takeaway meal ranges from 500 to 2000 yen. That equates to between €3.47 and €13.89.

How many restaurants are there in Tokyo?

in tokyo there are more than 160,000 restaurants, of which 230 restaurants have been awarded at least one Michelin Star. That makes the Japanese capital the city with the most restaurants awarded by the Michelin line.

What is the typical food of Tokyo?

The typical japanese food It is one of the most famous in the entire world. This is not only thanks to its versatility of ingredients, but also to the secret culinary techniques that the Japanese know how to apply very well. Below are the most famous typical dishes of Tokyo.

sushi: It consists of cooked rice marinated with different ingredients. It is usually served with raw fish or shellfish.

sashimi: It is carpaccio of raw fish or seafood that is marinated with different native ingredients of Japan.

Ramen: We are talking about a Japanese noodle soup made with different ingredients that can be accompanied with chicken, tenderloin, or eggs; etc.

okonomiyaki: It is a dough composed of different local ingredients cooked on the grill. They often compare it to pizza and tortilla.

Yakitori: It is an originally grilled chicken skewer. However, some restaurants offer beef, fish, seafood yakitori; etc.

Gyoza: This is a steamed dumpling that has been grilled.

Yakisoba: This fried noodle recipe is an explosion of flavors in your mouth.

tempura: One of the favorites of many travelers since it consists of fried vegetables, seafood or meat with a subtle batter.

fugu: It is the recipe for the famous puffer fish that can only be eaten in authorized premises.

What are the best restaurants in Tokyo?

The best restaurants to eat in Tokyo, Japan are the following:

Jomon: They serve the best Japanese skewers in the city.

mr donut: Their variety of donuts will leave you breathless.

Suke6 Diner: You will find hamburgers and the best Japanese drinks in Tokyo.

Shake Shack: Its fast food offer is unmissable.

Harajuku Gyōzaro: They have boiled and fried gyozas.

Katsu Midori Seibu Shibuya: The largest sushi restaurant in Tokyo.

Bento Shop: His specialty is high quality bentos.

MOS Burger: The cheapest burgers in town.

Saizeriya: Its kitchen specializes in Italian gastronomy.

Genki Sushi: They serve sushi made with local ingredients and of the best quality.