Best vegetarian restaurants in Lima

if you’re looking for vegetarian restaurants in Lima, you are in the correct post. Well, today we present you with a detailed list, with the 7 establishments that you should know if you are passionate about healthy dishes.

In recent years, the number of gastronomic proposals that add options for vegetarians to their menu has increased. And how do you know which are the best in the area? Join us until the end and find out. Let’s go there!

The 7 best vegetarian restaurants in Lima

Next, we present the best vegetarian restaurants that you will find in your tours of Lima:

1. Veda Restaurant

Vegetarian restaurants in Lima

It is an establishment with a very careful decoration, and ideal if you want to try healthy foods. It has a striking concept that balances its elegant atmosphere, with prices that are quite accessible for all types of public.

And the best? they honor the typical peruvian food, with their own vegetarian versions. This establishment is part of the Veda Center, which favors healthy lifestyles in all aspects. For this reason, they divide their building into a restaurant and add another special space to practice yoga on the second level.

Try the kombucha made with his own recipe and that has won the hearts of all customers. And the best thing is that you can enjoy them in the restaurant or order to take home. The huancaína-style noodles are also delicious, which are accompanied with an acevichada cause and sautéed tofu.

You can not lose this!

2. Raw Coffee

Vegetarian restaurants in Lima

It is one of the most visited in Lima, due to its calm atmosphere and the quality of its preparations. In addition, its decoration has light tones and plenty of lighting so that everyone in your group feels comfortable. Their dishes are very colorful and with high nutritional content, without neglecting the use of ingredients full of flavor.

Deciding on a single option is difficult since its menu is very varied. You can’t stop trying bowls of cereals with red fruitsthe vegetarian hamburgers and their exquisite wraps. Also, theirs are delicious. snickers vegans, who retain a taste that does not envy the original.

As for breakfast, try the pancakes, waffles, or the highly requested acai bowl. Undoubtedly, a remarkable space to spend time with your loved ones and enjoy the best care.

3. Sabor y Vida Restaurant

Vegetarian restaurants in Lima

It is a highly recommended alternative, if your desire is to try vegetarian food with affordable prices at lunch time. Its basic menu includes starter, main course, a soft drink of your choice and freshly baked bread.

On the other hand, their portions are generous and you have at your disposal a large number of dishes to choose from. Among the best-selling preparations, the vegetarian ceviche stands out, which they prepare with fresh ingredients and bought from local suppliers.

The chaufa rice is also very tasty, which is one of the most sought after by its loyal clientele. And you can’t forget their huancaina potatoes, with a crunchy texture and soft interior.

4. Natural Kitchen

Vegetarian restaurants in Lima

A mandatory stop for all lovers of vegetarian food from Lima, which stands out on the list for its warm attention. The Cocina Natural restaurant is located in Jesús María, and receives many local university students daily.

Its menu only costs 15 soles and includes a generous starter, main course, passion fruit drink, and delicious dessert. This places it among the cheapest options from the list, if you want to eat quality vegetarian dishes.

On the other hand, its ingredients are alternated frequently so that every time you visit them you have the chance to try something different. Buy their hamburgers and accompany them with American-style fries. And don’t forget to stop by the dessert showcase, and ask for one of their cakes or the exquisite cinnamon roll. An explosion of flavor on your palate!

5. Roll Up Happy Makis

Vegetarian restaurants in Lima

The Roll Up Happy Makis has a conventional menu for all types of public, and another special menu for vegetarians. When you take a look at their options, you will notice hundreds of sushi roles to satisfy the most demanding.

As for its decoration, it is pleasant and combines Asian forms very well with a more modern touch. And their prices? They are quite accessibleif we take into account all the elements that your gastronomic proposal includes.

6. Seitan Bistro Restaurant

Vegetarian restaurants in Lima

The Seitan Bistro is another very famous place in the region for its delicious offer of vegetarian dishes. Have a menu of 20 soles for lunch, which will leave you very satisfied.

And what do they include? You can eat an entry with its respective bread, main dish and one of the rich desserts indicated on the menu. In addition, the cooks they change the menu monthly so that every time you visit them you have a new gastronomic experience.

They are more than delicious makis and cheese tequeños. Also, they sell some cauliflower wings that will make your head explode. As for the attention, its owners will strive to make every minute valuable.

7. El Jardín de Jasmín Restaurant

Do you want to eat vegetarian dishes, in an idyllic setting and with outstanding service? Well, you must know the Jasmine Garden. It is a very careful establishment, which will make you live a great experience from the first minute.

Their preparations are always delicious, and contain ingredients obtained in the local market with outstanding quality. You must eat the buffalo wings cauliflower, with a delicate crust that explodes with each taste.

In addition, they sell portions of crispy accompanied by a wide variety of sauces so you can combine them as you like. Undoubtedly, an ideal place to visit with friends and family on a Friday afternoon.

And finally we have completed our post of the vegetarian restaurants in Lima and why you should meet them with your family. Visit these catering businesses, and enjoy the healthiest ingredients in the capital.

If you have visited other quality vegetarian places and want to share the information, let us know in the comment box. Until next time!

Frequent questions

we have collected frequently asked questions of Internet users, about which are the best vegetarian restaurants in Lima. Next, we share the answers:

What does a vegetarian restaurant offer?

For some years, diners have begun to worry about eat a healthier diet. Consequently, when they decide to eat outside their homes, they choose to attend vegetarian restaurants. These establishments have a varied menu, with dishes that do not have meat from any animal.

Therefore, these catering businesses base their gastronomic proposal on foods that They are classified as follows:

traditional vegetarian food: Composed of vegetables, fruits, legumes, cereals and nuts.

Foods made with soy: They have a high vegetable protein content. Among the best known soy products are tempeh and tofu.

Plant-based textured proteins: They are made from vegetable flours and you can find them in preparations such as hamburgers and chili.

meat substitutes: They are foods made with vegetables with an appearance, texture and flavor very similar to animal protein.

Substitutes for dairy or eggs: These are ingredients with special physical characteristics for the preparation of creams, shakes, tortillas and a variety of desserts.

Likewise, in international gastronomy it is very common to find vegetarian dishes. This is the case of indian foodwith an intense flavor and a large percentage of options without meat

What are the best vegetarian restaurants in Lima?

The 7 best vegetarian restaurants in Lima are the following:

Vera Restaurant: Located at 630 Schell Street, Miraflores.

raw coffee: It is at Calle Independencia 596, Miraflores.

Flavor and Life Restaurant: It is located at Calle General Recavarren 156, Miraflores.

natural kitchen: Located at Calle Jirón Luis Sánchez Cerro 2160, Jesús María.

Roll Up Happy Makis: Its address is Avenida del Ejército 665, Miraflores.

Seitan Bistro Restaurant: It is at 685 Schell Street, Miraflores.

Jasmine Garden Restaurant: It is located at Avenida la Paz 838, Miraflores.