How to use fish cutlery

It is important to learn how to use fish cutlery, in case of possible events and celebrations that require the protocol.

Likewise, it is knowledge that you can put into practice in everyday life and eat with peace of mind.

Learn to how to use fish cutlery, what they are and the mistakes you should avoid when using them.

What types of cutlery can we find for fish?

What types of cutlery can we find for fish?

There is a protocol that establishes the order and correct use of cutlery.

Just as there are utensils for meats, creams and salads, there are those for eating fish.

Fish cutlery has a different design from other utensils, since it complies with specific characteristics that facilitate the consumption of fish.

Among the types of cutlery that are used to eat fish are:

  • Shovel or spatula to serve fish
  • mother-of-pearl spoon for caviar
  • fish fork
  • Trench knife for fish
  • wooden fork
  • fish soup spoon

How do we use fish cutlery?

How do we use fish cutlery?

Now that you know what cutlery is used to eat fish, it is valid to ask how they are used.

The truth is that each one of them has a specific function, which makes its use simple and easy to remember.

Take a look at how they should be Employ the fish cutlery and your competition.

Also, we leave you a video from the Yarissa channel, where you will find clear instructions on how to use cutlery correctly when eating fish.

Shovel or spatula to serve fish

It is a shovel-shaped knife, with a flat, blunt appearance.

You can find variants of this spatula with a straight or curved tip.

this design allows serving and separating meat from different parts of the fish.

This shovel or spatula to serve the fish is located on the table, right next to the table knife.

mother-of-pearl spoon for caviar

The caviar can be present on the table as part of the appetizers.

The mother-of-pearl spoon used to serve the caviar is characterized by having a long handle that makes it easy to grip, as well as a round tip.

It is small in size, which allows serving small amounts of caviar for your tasting.

fish fork

The fish fork is different from the forks that you use daily.

It is a three-pronged utensil, instead of the traditional four prongs.

In addition, stands out for being wide and flatter than a conventional fork. Likewise, it is smaller.

It is helpful to separate the parts of the fish such as the skin, bones, head and tail.

It is also necessary to point out that it does not cut, its function is to help to break down the pieces of fish in suitable sizes.

It sits between the appetizer fork and the main course fork.

Trench knife for fish

As for the fish knife, we found that its Use is limited to firm-fleshed fish.

That is to say, it is present when fish such as red tuna loin, turbot, monkfish or sole are served.

This type of knife has small serrated teeth or an edge to cut the meat without inconvenience.

wooden fork

The use of the wooden fork for fish consumption is used to consume those recipes that have eels.

They are usually small or medium in size, so that it is easy to catch the hatchlings of cooked eels.

It is advised to use the wooden cutlery rather than steel, since it does not alter the flavor of the dish.

fish soup spoon

The fish soup spoon is the traditional soup spoon, too known as a dinner spoon.

This utensil must have a deep concavity and a round shape, as well as a size that reaches 20 centimeters in length.

Its depth allows a better retention of the broth of the fish soup.

Mistakes to avoid with fish cutlery

Mistakes to avoid with fish cutlery

Although few utensils are used to eat fish, they can be committed errors during use by ignorance.

Therefore, below we will point out which are the most frequent errors and how to avoid them.

Among the errors that you should avoid when using fish cutlery are:

  • The fish should eaten with cutlery designed for it. The only exception to this rule is not having fish utensils.
  • The fish spatula is not used to cut the meat, but to separate the meat from the bone.
  • Eels are not eaten with metal or steel cutlery, only with wooden forks.
  • If they serve the whole fish, it is not eaten right away. The head, spine and tail are separated to catch the meat easily.
  • Caviar is not served with dessert spoons. A special mother-of-pearl spoon is used.
  • The fish spatula or knife is not placed in the mouth, nor is it used for spreading. Its use is limited to shredding the meat of the fish.

The fish paddle is not a substitute for the fork. The fork will always be in charge of picking up the food and reaching your mouth.

Frequent questions

How are fish cutlery used?

Fish cutlery is used as follows:

* Shovel or spatula to serve fish: serve the fish and separate the meat from the spine, head and tail.
* Spoon of mother-of-pearl for caviar: serve an adequate amount of caviar.
* Fish fork: separate the meat from the fish and eat it.
* Fish knife: cut the meat of firm meat fish.
* Wooden fork: eat dishes that contain eels.
* Fish soup spoon: take the broth from the soup.

What fish cutlery can we find?

The cutlery used for fish consumption are:

* Shovel or spatula to serve fish
* Mother of pearl spoon for caviar
* Fish fork
* Trench knife for fish
* Wooden fork
* Fish soup spoon