Le Patio Bistro in Newport

Cuisine: Pizza & Pasta and French
Le Patio Bistro

Le Patio Bistro

About the Place

  • Cuisine Type: French
  • Address: The Celtic Manor Resort Newport
  • Phone: +44 (0)1633 413 000

Points of Interest

Le Patio Bistro is located within The Celtic Manor Resort Newport, a luxury hotel in South Wales. Some nearby points of interest include:

  • Caerleon Fortress & Baths
  • Usk Castle
  • The Riverside Theatre

Getting There

The easiest way to get to Le Patio Bistro is by car, and there is ample parking available on-site. Alternatively, the following transportation options are available:

  • Train: The nearest train station is Newport, which is approximately 6 miles away from The Celtic Manor Resort.
  • Bus: The Newport Bus Station is approximately 6 miles away from The Celtic Manor Resort.
  • Airport: The closest airport is Cardiff Airport, which is approximately 30 miles away.
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Where is Le Patio Bistro?

🏠 Coldra Wood, The Usk Valley, Chepstow Rd, Newport NP18 1HQ

Le Patio Bistro: A Haven for French Cuisine at The Celtic Manor Resort Newport


Le Patio Bistro is a French restaurant located in The Celtic Manor Resort Newport, which offers an immersive French dining experience. The restaurant features elegant decor, outstanding service, and a unique menu that showcases authentic French cuisine.

Type of Cuisine: French

French cuisine is known the world over for its unique flavors, cooking techniques, and presentation. Le Patio Bistro is one such restaurant that brings this culinary tradition to The Celtic Manor Resort Newport.

Points of Interest

Le Patio Bistro boasts of several points of interest that make it a must-visit destination for food lovers: - Authentic French Dining Experience: The restaurant has been designed to give you a taste of French culture, and the menu features dishes made from authentic French ingredients. - Patio Seating: The outdoor patio seating allows you to enjoy your meal while taking in the beautiful scenery and ambiance of The Celtic Manor Resort Newport. - Wine Collection: The wine collection at Le Patio Bistro is selected to perfectly complement the flavors of the dishes on the menu.

Getting to Le Patio Bistro

To get to Le Patio Bistro, follow these steps: - Address: The Celtic Manor Resort Newport - Phone: +44 (0)1633 413 000 - Direction: The restaurant is located within The Celtic Manor Resort Newport, so you can take a shuttle or walk to get there. Le Patio Bistro is a must-visit restaurant if you want to treat yourself to an authentic French dining experience at The Celtic Manor Resort Newport.
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Not one to give a review but need to after the shocking experience at this restaurant My daughter and son arranged for the four of us to go for mother's day for breakfast. My meal Came in which my sausages looked frozen and to my surprise they were still frozen and not even cooked . How can a chef not realise this. So I complained and after a 10 minute wait my meal Came back with cooked sausages but the rest of it was cold. What a unhappy start to mother's day. Not looking for free bies etc but just wanted a cooked breakfast that justified the price . I was embarrassed for them to charge for a awfull experience.If you could give zero stars I would of....


Disappointing. Lovely food and great atmosphere. However, the service is terrible... incredibly slow even when the place is not full. I don't think I'll ever go there again. Other restaurants offer similar mains and a great service!


I looked forward to this visit ..the onion soup was watery and flavourless in a French themed restaurant ..very sad.. but the rest of the meal was good and the service kind. This rating is more to do with my expectation v actual experience and the fact I will probably not return, sorry.


Not good for what it costs. Very disappointed. We've ordered wine and champagne, both which tasted bad and may possibly not have been the brand they advertised. The waittress was also rude when we asked.


Very nice restaurant. Staff were very friendly. Food tasted fresh and presented nicely. The moules marinaire was a massive portion. There was only one thing that let it down, the crème brulé, the wrong sugar and too much was used, so it took too long to melt and therefore had a burnt sugar taste. Also not enough vanilla in the custard. But aside from that very nice. Good setting near the Riverside.


Yes our pre booked Christmas meal rather disappointing minus lots of vegetables stuffing cranberry sauce with the turkey..however the jus gravy was delicious I can't understand why ?Understandably it was extremely busy and very young inexperienced staff who tried their best.It's not a complaint but it would have been a superb meal instead of an average meal.ThanksHappy ChristmasSteve


Lovely food, staff are excellent, will definately be going back


The food was amazing the presentation was outstanding would definitely recommend this place 👌


Great service and lovely food, only marking one down because of items not available on the menu


Went to Bistrot Pierre 2 weeks back . We were seated quickly and attended to well throughout the meal. Ordered the 3 course menu and we were all happy with the choice and selection. Food was alright but did lack a bit of spice especially in the 'Goan prawns' which actually didnt taste like Goan prawns. Other than that the meal was pleasant . I would definitely recommend the steak.

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Frequently asked questions about Le Patio Bistro:
If you have any questions, you can contact Le Patio Bistro by calling 01633 413000.
In Le Patio Bistro they specialise in pizza & pasta and french cuisine.
5.968 customers of Le Patio Bistro have given it an average rating of 4,3.