The 10 best restaurants in Spain

When we are traveling, planning a special event or celebration, we focus on having a good time and knowing the bestto have indelible memories of that moment.

Whether you are passing through or live in the country, you should know which are the best restaurants in Spain, unique places that will give you the opportunity to live a high-level gastronomic experience.

Each of the restaurants on the list specializes in the cuisine of the region where they are located, giving an innovative twist to classic recipes, giving it a new and sublime life that conquers the most demanding palates.

Dare to visit them and enjoy the best that Spain has to offer, through its dishes and the warmth of the good attention of the restaurant staff.



Azurmendi is a restaurant created by Eneko Atxa, who has had an excellent track record that has made it a Mandatory stop when visiting Vizcaya.

It is recognized for being one of the most sustainable restaurants in the country.

Work with a unique gastronomic experience, through a menu that contains several dishes that seek to provide a sensory experience to the diner.

This menu is made up of 27 dishes, prepared with the freshest ingredients of the season.

During the tasting, you will be able to enjoy the artisan breads they prepare and some products obtained from the restaurant’s garden.

We assure you that the combination of the flavor of the dishes and their presentation invites us to eat without leaving any crumbs.

If you so wish, you can complement the menu with your food and wine experience for each plate.

They work under reservation, so remember to schedule your appointment to enjoy their service.



Another of the best restaurants in Spain is Arzakby the hand of Juan Mari Arzak.

It is a restaurant that has a history of four generations and has worked to preserve the quality of the service, for which they obtained their three Michelin stars in 1972, 1978 and 1989.

This business is among the best, as its dishes are full of flavor and textures that make them different from any other you have tried.

They are dedicated to preparing the most popular dishes of the San Sebastian and Basque cookbook, with a modern and personal touch.

They have three types of menu, so you can choose the one you prefer for the experience.

They have the tasting menu with a price of €255, as well as the tasting menu accompanied by wine pairing for €410 per person.

On the other hand, they offer the à la carte menu consisting of an appetizer, starter, main course and dessert at a cost of €225.

You must schedule a reservation to enjoy its services, in the lunch or dinner time.

Martin Berasategui

Martin Berasategui

Martin Berasategui is one of the restaurants of this popular chef, who has been characterized by adding several Michelin stars among its different restaurants.

This emblematic restaurant is dedicated to offering the best of European and Spanish gastronomy, specifically Basque cuisine.

You can choose to enjoy any of the products that make up their menu or choose to order their tasting menu, guaranteeing you the chance to try a bit of everything.

Its menu includes delicious dishes such as grilled Norway lobster, stuffed pig’s trotters, vegetable marrow salad, hake kokotxas, grilled sirloin steak and oyster with wasabi emulsion.

On the other hand, as for its tasting menu, it contains 17 dishes at a cost of €315 per person.

If you wish, you have the option of enjoying the wine pairing for the tasting menu for an additional €175.

Quique Dacosta

Quique Dacosta

In the list of the best restaurants in Spain you cannot miss Quique Dacosta.

It bears the name of its chef, one of the most appreciated in the country thanks to his outstanding career preparing traditional recipes of Mediterranean cuisine, with a creative and unique touch.

Its restaurant stands out for having an elegant and minimalist decoration.

They don’t use a card. They have an excellent menu called “cooking beauty”, which translates the concept of the restaurant into delicious dishes.

The recipes that compose it are prepared with seasonal products, forming sublime flavor combinations.

Both in the elaboration and in the presentation, you will be able to contemplate the culinary vision, creativity and knowledge of the team which is part of Quique Dacosta.

Its menu is priced at €250 per person and you have the option of accompanying it with a harmony of wines at an additional cost.

The cellar of Can Roca

The cellar of Can Roca

The cellar of Can Rocalocated in Girona, is one of the best restaurants in Spain, thanks to the work of the brothers Joan, Joseph and Jordi Roca.

They have been open to the public since 1986, working incessantly to offer the best dishes of national cuisine.

They take as a guide the classic recipes of Spanish cuisine, but his preparation is avant-garde and freestyle.

That’s why you can find dishes with combinations of flavors and textures that you may not have tried before.

In addition, it is necessary to point out that they have made it a kitchen connected to the earth, by using products from small local producers.

They work with menus, not with letters. We recommend you order the festival menu, which contains a variety of dishes prepared with seasonal ingredients that will surprise you.

Remember to make your reservation to visit them and enjoy a service worthy of Michelin stars with which he has been recognized in 1995, 2002 and 2009.

ABaC Restaurant Hotel

ABaC Restaurant Hotel

Located in Barcelona, ABaC Restaurant Hotel it is one of the most emblematic restaurants of chef Jordi.

They have an incredible gastronomic offer and a quality service that has helped them maintain the maximum distinction of three Michelin stars.

Its gastronomic offer is a fusion of Spanish and international gastronomy.

You can identify this from its tasting menu, made up of 19 dishes.

Among some of the options you will find Chinese bread, Roman style squid and dishes with Asian ingredients such as wasabi.

It costs €250 and is served to the full table.

Your establishment is elegant and they have a garden that perfectly complements the setting.



aponiente It’s one of the best restaurants in Spain for its service, gastronomic offer and location.

It has distinguished itself among the different restaurants in the region, thanks to the fact that its chefs are in a continuous alchemy of the products of the sea that can be used in its gastronomic offer.

They have a unique menu called Planeta Agua, with dishes prepared using seafood and vegetables.

It contains 17 dishes and costs €270 per person. You can complement this menu with its wine pairing for €125.

Its location is an old tide mill, located in Puerto de Santa María, which offers an incredible view of the sea of ​​the city.



Many catalog DiverXo What one of the best restaurants in Spain… And they are correct!

This restaurant headed by Dabiz Muñoz has stood out for a gastronomic offer based on Spanish cuisine, adapted with influences from other cuisines and techniques from around the world.

Its main menu is called “the cuisine of the flying pigs”. It consists of 25 dishes, at a cost of €365.

Regardless of the dish you choose, you will notice that each of them has a free personality and a combination of elements that you will love.

The experience does not have an estimated duration time, since it adapts to the rhythm of the diner. Take this information into account when making your reservation.

Lasarte Restaurant

Lasarte Restaurant

The Lasarte Restaurant It is a restaurant that works hand in hand with Martín Berasategui and Paolo Casagrande.

The master and his pupil have managed to incorporate this restaurant among the best in Spain with three Michelin stars, the second project of Berasategui with such recognition.

They are dedicated to preparing emblematic dishes of the Mediterranean and European cuisine, giving them a creative and harmonic twist.

In its menu we find dishes such as Iberian ham and basil emulsion, shrimp soup, lamb shoulder with aubergine, grilled turbot, charcoal-grilled beef tenderloin, warm shellfish salad and scallop with mushrooms.

They also have two complete menus: the tasting menu and the lunch menu

Its tasting menu consists of 12 dishes, at a cost of €280. On the other hand, they have their lunch menu consisting of an appetizer, starter, main course and dessert for €190.

Customer service is personalized and quality, being attentive to the needs of the guests at all times.

Amos Gazebo

Amos Gazebo

To close the list, we find the Amos Gazeboa restaurant managed by chef Jesús Sánchez.

This business has the distinction of being one of the last Spanish restaurants to be awarded three Michelin stars.

They are dedicated to offering a cSignature cuisine based on Cantabrian gastronomy.

Its “temporary” menu seeks to convey the admiration that chefs have for gastronomy, especially the cuisine of the region.

The menu contains 16 dishes, that vary according to the availability of seasonal ingredients.

Its price is €227 per person and you can add a wine pairing that brings an additional cost to the menu.

So far the list of the 10 best restaurants in Spain, we are sure that -whatever your choice- each one of them has the charm and the necessary ingredients to guarantee you a memorable experience.