The 10 best restaurants in the Czech Republic

The best restaurants in the Czech Republic transmit the best of local and international cuisine, through a dynamic service attractive and different from other places.

But that’s not all, they must also guarantee quality, exquisite flavors, affordable costs and a pleasant atmosphere.

Take a look at its gastronomic offer and Dare to live unique culinary experiences.

10 Best Restaurants in Czech Republic

Next, we present the ones where -in addition to eating delicious- you will have the opportunity to learn a little more about Czech culture through its gastronomy.

Terasa u Zlate Studne

Terasa u Zlate Studne

Terasa u Zlate Studne is among the best restaurants in Czech Republic, thanks to their impeccable service.

There you can enjoy delicious dishes of Czech, European and international cuisine.

On its menu you will find preparations such as grilled scallops, pea soup with roasted morels, mushroom risotto, lobster with celery puree, lamb chop with artichokes, beef tartare, butter gnocchi and olive chicken.

You also have the option of enjoying its tasting menu, which includes nine courses at a cost of 3,400 CZK.

You can accompany it with its wine pairing, for only an additional 1,900 CZK.

In addition to its delicious food, its large terrace ensures that you you will be impressed with the best views of Prague, while you enjoy the service.

Reserve your table through its website. Do not miss this experience!

MeatEater Steak & Wine

MeatEater Steak & Wine

Another of the best restaurants that A must visit in the Czech Republic is MeatEater Steak & Wine.

It is a popular business for offering the best cuts of meat on its menu, previously matured on the premises.

Some of the types of meat that you can try are the classic filet mignon, Black Angus, cuberoll, Ribeye, Tomahawk Y t bone.

Accompany them with garnishes such as seasonal salad, potato pavé, roasted eggplant, mashed potato, asparagus soup and green salad.

Not only do they have an excellent selection of meats, they also have a wonderful wine list to accompany each of their delicious recipes.

It is located in the center of Prague, so it will be easy for you to reach it by any means of transport.



Undoubtedly, another of the The best restaurants in the Czech Republic is Mlejnice.

Its specialty is traditional Czech and European cuisine, especially from the eastern part.

Some of their best dishes are Spicy Pickled Sausage, Cabbage Pancakes, Coleslaw, Grilled Salmon with Herb Butter, Beef Goulash in Beer, schnitzel fried and marinated pork ribs with radish.

You can accompany it with a refreshing drink from your menu such as wines, coffees, beer, distilled spirits, teas, whiskeyrum, soft drinks, juices and cocktails.

Its appearance will capture your attention, since the decoration and furniture simulate a classic medieval tavern.

It is located 100 meters from the Old Town Square, in the center of Prague.

V. Zatisi

V. Zatisi

V Zatisi is recognized as one of the best restaurants in the Czech Republic, attracting the attention of locals and tourists.

This restaurant serves modern versions of the most traditional Czech recipes, as well as popular preparations from India and other parts of the world.

Among their dishes you will find tandoori prawns, roasted foie gras, tomato salad with stacciatella, Czech duck confit, traditional Czech soup, aubergine masala, sea bream ceviche, beef rib, marinated sea bass and tandoori chicken.

They also have a tasting menu and lunch menu.

The lunch menu consists of two courses for 495 CZK, or three courses for 595 CZK.

For its part, the tasting menu consists of five courses at a cost of 1,595 CZK. In addition, they offer you a wine pairing for each dish for an additional 895 CZK.

It is a restaurant with elegant decoration, a pleasant atmosphere and excellent service. Also, the presentation of the dishes is sublime and the prices affordable.

Book from Monday to Saturday, for lunch or dinner hours.

FIELD Restaurant

FIELD Restaurant

FIELD Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in the Czech Republic, whose service has become recognized with a Michelin star.

Its gastronomic offer is based on the traditional recipes and flavors of the country, as well as a marked influence of European cuisine.

This restaurant does not have a menu, since it is handled through tasting menus.

First of all, the short tasting menu consists of six times and costs 2,700 CZK.

The long tasting menu is a 10-course experience for CZK 3,800.

It should be noted that both menus are Available every day and they have a vegetarian version.

We recommend you enjoy their lunch menu on weekends. It consists of four courses at a cost of 2,000 CZK.

This restaurant also stands out for offering a variety of quality wines. Check with the waiter which ones are best for your order and elevate the flavor of the dishes.

This restaurant is in high demand, so It is best that you reserve your table before the visit.

Restaurate Mlynec

Restaurate Mlynec

In the list of best restaurants in czech republic You cannot miss the Restaurace Mlýnec.

It stands out for having a varied offer, made up of popular recipes from Czech and international gastronomy with a modern touch.

Among their specialties you will find Duck leg confit, marinated salmon tartare, ribeye with truffle purée, gazpacho with strawberries, shrimp ravioli, veal schnitzel, smoked salmon, foie gras terrine and veal rib.

You can also choose to order their lunch menu, consisting of three courses for 595 CZK.

Moreover, they have a popular five-course menu for 1,695 CZK.

Don’t leave without first enjoying desserts like cheesecake of currants, creme brulee Y ganache of chocolate.

It is an elegant and intimate restaurant. It’s perfect for visit with your partner on a special occasion.

Another of its attractions is its design, since the Vltava River passes under the establishment and it has an open kitchen. In addition, it offers the best views of the Charles Bridge.

Augustine Restaurant & Garden

Augustine Restaurant & Garden

Since 2009, Augustine Restaurant & Garden is also part of the 10 best restaurants in the Czech Republic.

This restaurant is dedicated to preparing modern versions of traditional Czech dishes.

We recommend you try the crayfish cocktail, braised lamb, glazed veal tongue, confit rabbit’s foot, burrata with pea hummus, rib eye of beef with kimchi and orzo pasta with seafood.

The best thing is that they offer vegetarian dishes and a nutritious children’s menu.

You will love your living room, since the tables are located in a beautiful outdoor garden and with maze design.

It is easy to access due to its location in Lesser Town, located in the center of Prague.

Coda Restaurant

Coda Restaurant

Another of the best in the Czech Republic that A must not miss is Coda Restaurant.

Its gastronomic offer is based on traditional Czech recipes, prepared with ingredients from local growers and farmers.

in your letter you can find dishes like poached chicken supreme, Oxtail soup, crispy roasted duck thigh, burrata salad, fish of the day, venison tenderloin in mushroom sauce, spinach gnocchi with ricotta and kulajda soup.

They also offer two complete tasting menus: Czech and international.

The Czech tasting menu includes three typical local dishes, at a cost of 1,250 CZK.

On the other hand, you find the international tasting menu. It consists of four dishes and costs 1,750 CZK.

It is located in the Aria Hotel in Prague, located in one of the oldest districts and full of history of the city.

George Prime Steak

George Prime Steak

George Prime Steak is also part of the best restaurants in the Czech Republic, thanks to its excellent service.

It stands out among other businesses in the city, since it is dedicated to being a restaurant that serves meats of the best quality.

In fact, they have a grill cooking method at a temperature of 650 °C. This allows its juices to seal in and achieves a tender texture that melts in your mouth.

You can order your favorite cut of meat, in the term of cooking that you want.

Accompany your dishes with sautéed mushrooms, French fries, vegetable salad, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, macaroni and cheese, onion soup and roasted beets.

Also, they have a Perfect wine list to serve with cuts of meat.

The establishment is elegant, has a pleasant atmosphere and the service is prompt.

Visit them with or without reservation, but don’t miss out on this delicious food.

Pot au Feu

Pot au Feu

Finally, among the 10 best restaurants in the Czech Republic is Pot au Feu.

In this restaurant you can enjoy the most exquisite dishes of French gastronomy, influenced by flavors from other European cuisines.

Some of its specialties are beef tartare, beef cheeks, onion soup gratin with cheese, sea bass fillet with shallots, green salad, beef entrecote with ratatouille, grilled octopus, duck magret and bouillabaisse.

You can also opt for its tasting menu of six courses, at a cost of 1,495 CZK.

They also offer a seasonal menu of two courses for CZK 895 and three courses for CZK 995.

It has an elegant and sober decoration. Furthermore, one of his The main decorative elements are the wine bottles from its cellar.

Reserve your table and do not miss the culinary journey that this restaurant offers.