Typical Budapest dishes

Are you curious about the typical dishes of Budapest? Clear your doubts here.

The capital of Hungary has an extensive culinary recipe book that we should all know about.

For example, we anticipate that among your Indispensable ingredients for each dish are paprika and sour cream.

Keep reading about this culinary culture and its typical dishes.

10 typical Budapest dishes

Budapest gastronomy is full of interesting and flavorful recipes.

In this opportunity, we will show you what are the 10 typical dishes of the Hungarian capital and what they consist of.



Letscho is a popular Hungarian recipe, that has its place among the 10 typical dishes of Budapest.

It is a stew prepared with yellow and red peppers, onions, tomatoes and a little wine. They are cooked to form a thick paste.

To this is added fried sausage, bacon or the sausages of preference. I know Mix everything together and it’s ready to eat.

You can eat it alone or with slices of bread, as a starter or tapas for the evening. It is also the perfect accompaniment for grilled meats.

It is not recommended for people who are not tolerant to spicy, since they usually add hot paprika.

Rakott Krumpli

Rakott Krumpli

The Rakott Krumpli is a popular typical dish in Budapest and the rest of Hungary.

It is a dish prepared with boiled potatoes, which has certain similarities with a classic potato cake.

The recipe calls for boiled potatoes sliced, sausages, paprika, sliced ​​boiled egg, bacon and sour cream.

This dish is made by layering ingredients, starting with a layer of potatoes at the bottom of the bowl.

Once ready, bake for a few minutes until browned and cut to serve in slices.

First of all, this recipe was created by peasants by taking advantage of the food they had in their home.

But this dish became popular over the years, until becoming the favorite of children and adults in the country.

You can serve the slices with pickled vegetables, bread slices, and sliced ​​cooked beets.



Another of the typical Budapest dishes that you have to know is the Csirkepaprikás.

This recipe consists of a stewed chicken with a sauce of paprika and thick sour cream.

It is prepared using the whole chicken pieces, but if you prefer you can cook with cubed and julienned chicken breasts.

One of the secrets of that recipe is to use lard.

Similarly, during the cooking of the chicken, also other vegetables are added such as onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini and green peppers to elevate the flavor of the recipe.

The combination between paprika and sour cream is sublime, as you can enjoy sweet, sour and spicy nuances in the dish.

This recipe is easy to make and It doesn’t take long so it is an ideal dish to eat any day of the week.

The perfect accompaniments for this recipe are rice, potatoes, pasta and lettuce salad.



Does the idea of ​​enjoying a soup that is different from what you have tried appeal to you?

If so, you have to know another of the typical dishes of Budapest, known as Meggyleves.

It is a cold soup prepared with cherries, sugar and sour cream.

Although this curious combination sounds like dessert, This dish is popular for being one of the most requested starters during the summer due to its freshness.

It is served in casseroles, decorated with some cherries in syrup and other ingredients such as coconut flakes.

It has great popularity in Budapest, but you can find it in other countries of Central and Eastern Europe due to the abundance of red fruits during the summer.



looking for a simple dish to go and continue touring the city?

Langos are an emblematic snack among the typical dishes of Budapest.

it’s a recipe perfect to eat at any time of the day and with the ingredients that you want.

It is a medium-sized fried bread without a certain shape.

The restaurants and street stalls of the city They sell this dish at affordable prices.

When adding the ingredients, they are placed on the bread as if it were a pizza. You can try it with sour cream, York ham, tomato and goat cheese, chickpea hummus, grated cheese, chopped vegetables and garlic butter.

A few years ago also you find the sweet versions of this snack, served with hazelnut cream, dulce de leche, syrups and fruit pieces.

You can eat it to taste, but we recommend making it freshly prepared so you can enjoy the crunchy texture of the bread.



Moving on to a sweeter side, we introduce you to Palacsinta. East Typical Budapest dish is the Hungarian version of pancakes.

It is made by preparing several crepes and placing them on top of each other to form a small tower.

You can eat the Palacsinta without filling, but we recommend you enjoy the complete gastronomic experience.

Some options of fillings that you find are fresh cheese, fruit pieces, cinnamon and sugar, fruit jams such as apricot or red fruit, crushed nuts, ice cream and chocolate syrup.

Don’t just eat them as a dessert. Also They are perfect for breakfast food or dinner; you just have to choose the right filling for each moment of the day.

dobo cake

dobo cake

In Budapest you find cafes in every corner of the city. To make the most of this experience, You must order a coffee and their classic Dobos cake.

Not only do you find it in any cafeteria or pastry shop, it is a cake that is not lacking in every Hungarian celebration.

It is prepared by interspersing layers of Vanilla cake with chocolate and caramel cream.

The original version has five layers, but you can find taller cakes with more floors.

Once the ingredients are layered, it is decorated with a layer of chocolate cream and nuts crushed; while the top of the cake is covered with a thin layer of golden caramel.

It is perfect to eat at any time of the day, either as part of brunch, snack or dessert.

Even though it is prepared with two sweet ingredients such as chocolate and caramel, you will be surprised that its taste is not honeyed.



As you can see, Hungarian gastronomy is full of recipes for stews and stews.

Added to this list of typical Budapest dishes is Pörkölt, a recipe that has similarities to Goulash.

Instead of being a beef stew, It can be prepared with pork or chicken.

The proteins are cooked in a sauce of paprika and vegetables, until all the ingredients are soft and infused with flavor.

It is served in a deep plate, as if it were a soup. Once served, sour cream and a cooked potato are added to the stew.

You can accompany it with Tarhonya pasta, rice and slices of bread.

Töltött káposzta

Töltött káposzta

When we talk about Töltött káposzta we are not only mentioning a typical Budapest dish, but also the rest of the countries in Eastern Europe.

They are rolls prepared with fresh cabbage leaves, with a filling that will delight your palate.

Its filling has a mixture of pork and beef, sauerkraut, rice and tomatoes. Everything is cooked to a stew and a little is placed on each cabbage leaf.

The leaves are closed forming rolls and are cooked by boiling or steaming. When ready, they are served in a deep dish with paprika sauce and a few tablespoons of sour cream.

this dish is very popular during winter since it allows to appease the high temperatures.

It is best to try this dish in a restaurant and not make it at home, since its steps are more complex than they seem.



Finally, fish is also part of the typical dishes of Budapest.

This time we are talking about Halászlé, a soup prepared with fish.

for the recipe no specific type of fish is required, but it is usually prepared with freshwater fish or carp.

The base of the soup is made with tomato, onion, white wine and red paprika. Pour into a saucepan and add the fish.

being cooked, the broth is served in a deep plate and crowned with the fish fillet.

There are other versions of this soup, such as the one served with pasta and to which sour cream is added in the middle of cooking.

The best typical dish of Budapest

The best typical dish of Budapest

We’ve saved the best for last, so it’s time for you to discover the most delicious and popular dish in Budapest.

It’s about Goulash, It is a thick soup prepared with meat and vegetables.

It takes its name from the word “Gulyás”, which means cowboy in Spanish. This is because it was the favorite dish of this community.

for this recipe shoulder, shank or shin cut is used; since the collagen that these pieces have is needed to achieve the dense consistency of the soup.

It gets its characteristic red color from paprika, although tomato can also be added. Other vegetables that are part of the recipe are potatoes, carrots and chopped onion.

It’s a classic dish of its gastronomy, but it is usually in greater demand during the winter to combat high temperatures.

It is served freshly made in a ceramic pot. It is accompanied with slices of bread and paprika powder.

What is the typical Hungarian dish?

Goulash is the national dish of Hungary.

What do Hungarians eat?

What do you eat in Hungary?
• Libamáj: goose liver. …
• Pástétom: various types of pâté, made, for example, from duck liver.
• Tepertő: crispy fried skin, which can be pork, chicken or even fish.
• Terrine: This tasty dish is usually prepared with the Hungarian Mangalitsa variety of pork.

When do you eat in Budapest?

In Budapest, the time to eat is between 12:00 and 2:00 p.m. Keep this in mind, because if you arrive at the last minute, the restaurants may want to close or there may be no dishes left. I particularly think that it is best to adapt to local time. Dinner time in Budapest is also brought forward.

How much is a beer in Budapest?

* Lunch in a cheap restaurant (menu of the day) – 1,500.00 Hungarian Forint – €4.85
* Coca-Cola / Pepsi (33cl bottle) – 260.00 Hungarian Forint – €0.84
* Domestic beer (0.5 liters) – 350.00 Hungarian forint – €1.13
* Imported beer (33cl bottle) – 400.00 Hungarian Forint – €1.29