typical dishes of Greece

The typical dishes of Greece are perfect for any occasion, thanks to its combinations of flavors and ingredients.

In addition, it is a kitchen that pays attention to the quality of the ingredients used in each recipe.

Cheer up to know in depth about this gastronomy and its popular typical dishes.

How is Greek cuisine?

What is Greek cuisine like?

Greek gastronomy is varied, thanks to its historical heritage between eastern and western culture.

You can notice that it is a fresh and light cuisine, but full of flavors that will surprise your palate.

Although some of their dishes are prepared according to the seasonal ingredients, You can notice that fish, fresh vegetables, lamb and shellfish are never lacking.

Other ingredients that have a great presence in gastronomy are feta cheese, olive oil, pita bread, cucumbers, yogurt and lemon juice.

10 typical dishes in Greek gastronomy

Now that you know that Greek cuisine is full of incredible flavors, it’s time for you to discover some dishes that prove it.

These 10 dishes are perfect to discover the representative ingredients and flavors of this interesting gastronomy.



When talking about the typical dishes of Greece, we have to mention the Horiatiki salad. It’s a fresh dish full of flavor, ideal for summer.

This recipe is a classic of gastronomy, so it is not missing from the table of Greek families or from the menus of their restaurants.

It is prepared with tomatoes, crazy feta cheese, onion and julienned green peppers, cucumber and whole olives.

It is served in a deep dish, decorated with a little extra virgin olive oil and traditional herbs. Also Capers are often added.

You can eat the salad alone or Accompany it with the classic Greek pita bread.



Another of the typical foods of Greece is the Gyro. It is a dish that you find in restaurants and street food stalls at affordable prices.

It takes its name “Gyro” from cooking meat on a rotating vertical spit.

It is a sandwich prepared with Greek pita bread. Opens in half to fill with the ingredients of your choice.

Although it has a roast beef base, other elements are added such as yogurt and dill Tzaziki sauce, tomato, French fries, julienned onions and lettuce.

Not only It has an excellent flavor its combination of textures will fascinate you.



Spanakópita are typical Greek dishes perfect to serve as breakfast, starter or tapas.

These are small pastries made with puff pastry, filled with a mixture of spinach, feta cheese and local spices.

There are also other versions include eggs and spring onion as part of the filling, or swap out the feta for a saltier, smoother option.

In addition to their flavor, they stand out for having a characteristic triangular shape or being prepared in the form of a pie.

they are baked until they are golden and they are ready to eat.



There is nothing better than finishing a good food with a sweet touch.

In the case of typical Greek dishes, you have to try their Baklava, a dessert of Ottoman heritage.

They are small sweet empanadas prepared with puff pastry dough, so you get a crisp dessert and with an appetizing color when baked.

When preparing it, layers of puff pastry and a filling prepared with walnuts or pistachios are interspersed.

Before baking, cover these patties with a layer of sugar or honey syrup for them to brown.

You can find individual versions in triangular and rectangular shapes, or as a whole cake.



The Dolmadakia or dolmades are typical entrances of the Greek gastronomy.

It is a simple, light and full of flavor dish; perfect as a mouth-opener before continuing with other emblematic Greek dishes.

This recipe consists of Swiss chard rolls or grape leaves. They are stuffed with a mixture of lamb meat, raisins, rice, pine nuts and herbs typical of Greece.

Once ready, they are rolled up and steamed to give them a smooth texture to taste. Wait until they are cold and ready to eat.

They are served on a flat plate along with a classic salad of cucumber, feta cheese and tomato. Also, they can served with yogurt sauce or tzatziki sauce.



Pseftokefedes is a typical dish from Greece, which It enjoys great popularity among the inhabitants of Santorini.

These are meatballs covered in a thick and delicious tomato sauce.

Unlike what you may think, these meatballs do not use meat as the main ingredient.

They are prepared with a mixture of chopped tomato, garlic, eggs, mint, parsley, onion, raisins, flour, cinnamon, salt and pepper.

The ingredients are mixed until a dough is obtained, large meatballs are formed, coated in flour and fry in olive oil until golden.

The meatballs are served on a plate and covered with the sauce. This dish can be accompanied by rice or pasta.



Another of the typical dishes of Greece The most delicious you can try is the Musaka.

You may notice that this recipe is a version of the popular Italian lasagna. Its main difference is that it is prepared with aubergines and not with pasta, just like its original version.

It is prepared by placing a layer of sliced ​​aubergines, which are covered by beef cooked in tomato sauce.

To give the final touch, it is covered with a bechamel sauce and cooked in the oven until it is au gratin.

By itself it is a strong dish and full of flavor, so it is not usually accompanied by anything other than pita bread.



Exohiko is recognized as one of the most traditional Greek gastronomy.

It is a cake made with puff pastry, filled with lamb or chicken cut into small pieces and stewed in tomato sauce. The filling also contains spinach and cheese.

It is baked for a few minutes so that the puff pastry has a crisp surface and a beautiful golden color.

Its popularity is due to the incredible contrast of flavors and textures in a dish.

Each portion of Exohiko is accompanied by a fresh tomato and arugula salad, seasoned with the classic tzaziki sauce.



If you like barbecue recipes, Souvlaki is the typical dish of Greece that you will surely love

It consists of skewers of chicken, pork, beef or lamb meat.

The skewer can contain only meat, although it is also usual insert pieces of peppers and onion between protein.

You can enjoy these skewers served on a plate along with fries, salad, and tzaziki sauce.

You also have the option to cook the meat and eat it wrapped in a Greek pita bread along with tzaziki sauce, bell peppers, chopped onions and sliced ​​tomatoes.



To finish, it is important to mention the Kleftiko as one of the most emblematic typical dishes of Greece.

This recipe consists of lamb meat seasoned with garlic and lemon juice.

The meat is left to marinate so that absorb the flavors and then it is cooked in wood ovens or conventional models, using a very low fire.

Its slow cooking allows the meat to be tender, juicy and perfect to melt in your mouth with each bite.

This dish has as a favorite accompaniment the roasted potatoes and tomatoes, whose flavor combines the perfection with the pieces of lamb.

What is a typical dish of Greece?

Here is a list of some of the typical Greek dishes: Tzatziki: Yogurt sauce with cucumber and garlic. Spanokopita: Pasta stuffed with spinach. Tyropita: Pasta stuffed with feta cheese.

What foods are eaten in Greece?

5 superfoods that the ancient Greeks ate and that are still consumed in Greece to live better
-Sage is an aromatic plant whose leaves can be used both fresh and dried.
-Mastique (or mastic).
-Toasted barley biscuits.
-Prickly chicory.

What is the typical dish of Athens?

In addition to the popular moussaka, Athenian cuisine offers us typical Athenian dishes such as dzadziki, a sauce made of garlic, yogurt and cucumber, feta cheese with olive oil, the so-called dolmades, made with grape leaves and stuffed with rice. and meat, and grilled octopus.

What do the Greeks eat for breakfast?

Basically, the ancient Greeks ate cereals. Bread, cheese, olives, figs and sausages were some of the common foods of that period, because the Greeks were frugal. They ate pears, apples, pomegranates, quinces, grapes, and figs, as well as some berries.