Typical Egyptian dishes

For lovers of exotic destinations, Egypt It is a great fascination for its history and majestic archaeology. Its vast expanse of desert is reflected in some of its culinary customs, with simple and tasty ingredients, cooked with different spices, but with fairly mild flavors.

Due to its geographical location, Egypt It has a varied gastronomy fused by the Mediterranean, African and typical Arab cuisine. In addition, being a Muslim country, many of its gastronomic customs are governed by the laws of Islam, offering vegetarian proposals.

Join us to know the following list of typical Egyptian dishes that you cannot miss on your next visit to this spectacular destination.

10 typical Egyptian dishes

Egypt is a country that unites the Northeast Africa with the Middle Eastand has extraordinary monuments such as the Giza pyramids and the Great Sphinx. A large part of its extension is made up of the Sahara desert and the Nile river valleyconcentrating the fourth largest population on the African continent.

Its gastronomic origins have a variety of simple recipes, seasoned with fresh herbs, spices in abundance and different types of food. In their dishes they commonly use the muttonas well as the fresh fish of the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, and the prawns large size of Alexandria.

The bread It is part of one of the main ingredients of the Egyptian diet, being the aish the most used accompaniment. The legumes and vegetables are highly appreciated in their recipes, and are consumed seasoned, roasted or pureed. On the other hand, the use of fruit It is very abundant, especially those with a citrus flavor.

Other relevant characteristics are the cold appetizers of oriental origin called Mezze, which are served on small plates. The beans, such as broad beansThey are an important part of your daily diet. And the soups are one of the most traditional Egyptian dishessince they are very nutritious and are made with delicious ingredients.

Now that you know the varied gastronomy of this iconic country, don’t miss out on the magical experience of enjoying all its delicious flavor. Next, we detail the 10 typical Egyptian dishes most relevant.

full medames

typical egyptian dishes

The ful medames is a traditional dish of egyptian cuisine which extends through Sudan, the Levant and other parts of the Middle East. Its main ingredient is partially crushed broad beanswhich are slowly cooked in a copper pot to provide the right flavor.

This stew is seasoned with vegetable oil, cumin, and optionally chopped parsley, garlic, onion, lemon, chili, as well as other vegetables, herbs and spices are added. Its consumption is part of the daily diet of the population in Cairo, and is accompanied with pita bread.

It is usually served in the early hours of midday, and is a typical food in periods of abstinence from ramadan.


typical egyptian dishes

The falafel from egypt They are delicious croquettes made with beans, spices and aromatic herbs. Its recipe is said to have been initially exported via the port of Alexandria to the northern Levant, spreading across the Middle East, and was originally called ta’amiya.

This dish is usually accompanied with hummus, tahini and pickled vegetables. It can also be served in a pita sandwich, or with diced cucumber and tomato salad, red cabbage, fried eggplant, among other delicacies.

Baba Ghanush

typical egyptian dishes

Also Known As Baba Ganoushthis paste based on eggplant puree It is a typical recipe of Arab and Mediterranean cuisine. Her recipe combines roasted eggplant with ground sesame or sesame seeds, lemon juice, garlic, pomegranate syrup, and cumin.

When consuming this delicious puree, it is seasoned with olive oil and pomegranate seeds are often added. The juice of the pomegranate is also used in the dressing, mixed with the oil. This pasta is usually accompanied with pita bread.

Traditionally, this dish has a sweet and seductive taste that it is difficult to stop eating once started, and when people consume it they acquire the same characteristics. This is why for moralists its consumption must be prudent, since it can endanger virtue.


typical egyptian dishes

Is a traditional dish of egyptian culture also know as mulujie. A jute leaf soupwhich is a widely cultivated plant in Egypt bitter taste but very fresh aroma. When cooked with other ingredients, the leaves reduce the power and bitter flavor that characterizes it.

For its preparation, the central thorn is removed from the leaves, and they are finely chopped with garlic and coriander. This recipe usually includes some type of meat such as chicken or rabbit, varying according to the town where it is prepared. In Cairo lamb meat is more appreciated, in Alexandria prawns are often used and in Port Said it is famous for using fish.

The mulukhiyah It is one of the most ancient egyptnutritious and delicious flavor that gives a touch of freshness ideal for rainy days.


typical egyptian dishes

The Fatteh It is a very easy recipe to prepare and popular in Egypt for its tasty content nutritious based on proteins and carbohydrates, They provide energy and vitality.

This typical Egyptian food is a rich dish made with meat soup, crusty bread, rice and sauce. Its cooking is usually baked, and it can be served accompanied with yogurt and nuts of your choice.

Its consumption at breakfast increases during the month of holy ramadan. And also, it is usually prepared at parties and special occasions, where a large number of people attend.


typical egyptian dishes

This vegetarian food is very popular egyptian cuisine, elevated to the category of national dish of the country. Because it is such a common recipe, it is very likely that all its inhabitants have eaten it, and for tourists, it is an essential food to try.

Its elaboration is made up of rice, black lentils, chickpeas and macaroni, covered in garlic and vinegar, fused with a spicy tomato sauce. For its presentation, it is usually decorated with small pieces of fried onion, being an extra to the composition of the dish.

This popular dish related to the fast food food, as a rule, it is not served in small restaurants. However, in large chain restaurants, it is very common to get it on their menu.


typical egyptian dishes

The Kofta is a typical egyptian dish that can be found in restaurants in cities like Cairo. Its preparation is also very popular in other Arab countries, so it has various ways of preparation and there are different recipes.

In Egyptthe typical way of preparing the kofta It is rolled on a wooden or metal skewer, the mixed meat of beef and lamb, seasoned with rich spices. For cooking, it can be on the coal or in the oven, putting a little oil on the tray beforehand.

A wonderful flavor that You will fall in love from the first bite!


typical egyptian dishes

One of the most popular gastronomic proposals in Egypt is he shawarma. Although it is a very traditional dish of Arab food in different countries, each one has a special touch that characterizes it.

They are usually made with lamb, chicken or beef, marinated by spices and condiments such as cinnamon, bay leaf or cardamom. For the sandwich, tabun lafah bread, popular in the eastern Mediterranean, is used. And as extras it includes tomato, onion, lettuce, aubergines, roasted peppers or tahini in sauce, as a traditional Egyptian touch.

You can get this delicious dish in fast food places, and accompany it with French fries and a refreshing drink.


typical egyptian dishes

The flavors of Egypt they are also sweet, and here you can find one of the most delicious pastries in the world. The baklavais a tasty dessert of baked dough sheets, stuffed with toasted hazelnuts and with an irresistible syrup coating.

This dish of the ancient mesopotamia, is made with dough cut into thin layers, crushed nuts and placed between the layers, and plenty of honey or syrup. All baked in primitive-style wood ovens, which conquers the palates of those who try it. To enjoy all its flavor, it can be accompanied with tea or coffee.

You cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy one of the most traditional sweets with the most history of all. Egypt.


typical egyptian dishes

Also spelled as kanafehis one of the most popular desserts and typical of Egypt. This semolina cake is characterized by its irresistible flavor, easy preparation and economy of its ingredients.

His recipe consists of a noodle cake similar to vermicelli or angel hair. They are crushed or rolled with butter and cheese similar to mozzarella or cottage cheese. It is cooked over low heat, and once ready they are soaked in syrup, sprinkled with ground pistachio.

For one soft consistency, the syrup should be placed when it is lukewarm and cover quickly to let it cool. Instead, for a crunchy consistencyit should be watered with the hot syrup and left uncovered until it cools.

Be sure to try these delicious dishes on your next trip to Egyptand enjoy its exotic gastronomy.

Frequent questions

Below, the most frequent concerns by Internet users are clarified when they search for information about the typical Egyptian dishes.

What are the typical dishes in Egypt?

The Egyptian cuisine dishes they are generally very simple, seasoned with fresh herbs or abundant spices. Meat is eaten in small quantities, and is accompanied by vegetables, bread, rice, and other garnishes.

Among its main typical dishes is the bean stew full medammes, Soup mulukhiyahPasta Baba GhanushThe popular koshari, and other delicacies. In addition, its gastronomy has sweet flavors of desserts made with dates and nuts such as Baklava and Knafehimpossible to resist.

What is the most typical Egyptian food?

One of the most traditional recipes of Egypt is the mulukhiyah. Its name comes from the molokhiaa plant known in the country as the vegetable of kingseither the vegetable of the pharaohsbecause its consumption dates back to that time.

This nutritious soup made from green jute leaves is seasoned with vegetablesand can be included meat or fish, depending on the locality where it is prepared. These leaves are naturally bitter, but once cooked they have a refreshing and delicious flavor.

For Egyptian cooks, the Mulukhiyah is the country’s national dish. However, this is accompanied by Ful medames and the Koshari.