Typical Portuguese dishes

If you want to enjoy an excellent meal, ideal for any occasion, We recommend you try the typical dishes of Portugal.

They have dishes for any occasion, prepared with the best local ingredients. In addition, their portions are generous and nutritious.

Learn more about this interesting gastronomy and we assure you that you will be amazed with their recipes.

How is the Portuguese gastronomy?

How is the Portuguese gastronomy

Portuguese gastronomy is marked by Mediterranean flavors.

A good part of its dishes are prepared with fresh fish such as cod and sardines, as well as different types of shellfish.

You may also find that some stew recipes They usually contain sausages, such as chorizo ​​or blood sausage.

Another element that is not lacking in its gastronomy is bread. Regardless of whether it is a starter, a main course or a side dish, it is always on the table of Portuguese families.

As for the flavors, they stand out for the use of herbs and spices, among which parsley, garlic, saffron, coriander and ginger. In addition, all its dishes are made with olive oil.

The most typical dishes of Portugal

Since you know in depth what Portuguese gastronomy is like, let us show you the most typical dishes of Portugal.

The 10 dishes on the list have interesting flavor combinations, which everyone should try whenever they get a chance.

Little Frenchie

Little Frenchie

A perfect Portuguese dish to get out of trouble is the Francesinha. Although it is typical of its gastronomy, it has a great popularity in Porto.

It is the improved version of the ham and cheese sandwich, prepared with more ingredients.

In addition to adding slices of ham and cheese, they add other fillings such as chorizo, meat, sausages, bacon, fried egg and salpicon.

Once the sandwich is assembled to taste, it is topped with melted cheese or a fried egg.

But its flavor does not end there… This sandwich is served in a deep plate to add a sauce made with beer, tomatoes and hot peppers.

duck rice

duck rice

Among the typical dishes of Portugal you find duck rice. Is a ideal recipe to eat on a special occasion or prepare it daily.

It is a rice cooked in the style of risotto, but it has an irresistible crispy layer covered with slices of chorizo.

One of the best parts of this dish is the duck, its star ingredient. duck meat Cook until a smooth texture is obtained. the idea is that it melts easily in your mouth.

The crispy touch of the recipe is obtained by putting the risotto in the oven for a few minutes.

Although in itself it is a dish full of flavor, we recommend accompany it with a glass of wine to accentuate its flavors.

Belem Cake

Belem Cake

An emblematic dessert of Portugal that you must try yes or yes is the Belem cake.

These are small pastries or tartlets prepared with puff pastry, filled with a delicious cream and flambéed on top.

It enjoys great popularity for its incredible flavor, but also for the story behind its recipe.

It is a dessert created by Catholic nuns, but it has the particularity that its recipe is secret and very few people have access to it. Interesting, right?

Although many stores try to prepare versions similar to the original recipe, it is best to Buy your Belém cake at the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos store in Lisbon.

Bacalhau à brás

Bacalhau à brás

A food that is not lacking in Portuguese cuisine is cod. It is because of that you will find a variety of recipes using this ingredient.

On this occasion, we present you the Bacalhau à brás, whose main ingredient is shredded cod.

Cod it is fried in a pan together with onions and potatoes cut into julienne Olives and parsley are also added.

All the ingredients are removed and it will be ready when they have a beautiful golden color.

It is usually served in a deep dish for each person to serve their portion. Decorate with pitted olives on top.

Portuguese cooked

Portuguese cooked

Cozido à portuguesa is famous for being the most traditional and representative dish of Portuguese gastronomy.

Although it has various ways of preparing it according to the region, it is a dish that is not lacking in the tables of the Portuguese during celebrations and family meals.

The stew begins with cooking of beef, chicken or pork. The meat is cleaned well so that it does not have a lot of fat and is cooked in a pressure cooker.

When it is ready, reserve a little of the broth to prepare the rice and add the vegetables and chorizos to soften them.

Some of the vegetables used are potatoes, carrots, turnips, beans and cabbage.

A portion of each ingredient is served in a casserole and is ready to eat.

Lagareiro Powder

Lagareiro Powder

Octopus is another food popular among the typical dishes of Portugal.

Therefore, the next dish is Polvo à Lagareiro, a delicacy prepared with octopus and potatoes.

The octopus is cooked on a barbecue, seasoned with paprika and salt. As for the potatoes, they are cooked in the oven with a little extra virgin olive oil.

This recipe is usually served as a starter. It is eaten cold and decorate with parsley, onion and olive oil.

This dish is very popular throughout the year. Especially during special celebrations like Christmas Eve.

Green soup

Green soup

If you want to try a healthy and delicious recipe, the perfect typical dish of Portugal is the green broth.

This soup is prepared with potatoes, oil, onions, sliced ​​chorizo, Galician cabbage and garlic.

The ingredients are added in a saucepan and they are cooked until soft.

It is a light and revitalizing dish, which can be served as a starter or as a light dinner before bed.

Although it is a dish that is prepared all year round, it usually has a increased demand during celebrations of the patrons of the municipalities of Portugal.

If you wish, you can accompany your green broth casserole with slices of bread.



Another of the typical dishes of Portugal is the Cataplana, a recipe with great popularity in the southern region of the country.

It is a recipe that takes its name from the casserole where it is cooked, characterized by its spherical shape and perfect steam cooking.

Sauté garlic and red pepper with a splash of olive oil. When they are soft, add parsley, wine, tomato, salt and water to form a sauce.

Let the ingredients cook until a sauce forms. Add the fish and shellfish of your choice to cook.

Remove from heat when cooking is ready and serve in a deep dish. finish the recipe sprinkle with chopped parsley and ready to eat.

Bolo do caco

Bolo do caco

The typical dishes of Portugal are not complete if we do not mention the Bolo do caco.

Bread gets its name from baking, since it is cooked on a popular stone griddle called caco.

This bread is prepared with a dough of wheat flour, sweet potato puree, salt, fresh yeast, sugar and water.

After letting the dough rest so that it doubles in size, several portions of dough are taken to form round and flat loaves.

They are cooked on the hot stone, obtaining a crispy bread on the outside and soft on the inside.

This bread is eaten as side, starter or main course.



Finally, we have to close the list of typical Portuguese dishes with the delicious feijoada.

Like other dishes, this cooked has several versions among the regions of Portugal.

However, the traditional version is prepared with white or red beans and pork.

Once the beans are cooked, the pork is added to cook it in a stew with tomato, cabbage, bacon, carrot and sausage.

When the meat is tender and the sauce is thick, it is ready to eat. It is served in a casserole, accompanied by white rice.

This stew is served fresh and it is the perfect dish to combat the low temperatures of winter.

What is the typical dish of Lisbon?

Francesinhas. Francesinhas are a high-calorie dish that can be found throughout the city made with chorizo ​​and cheese on toast. The delicious bifanas are a dish of braised pork inside a bread roll.

What fish is eaten in Portugal?

Sardine, mackerel, octopus, hake and swordfish are the most consumed species in Portugal. Traditionally, cod is known as the reference fish in Portuguese gastronomy, but the truth is that all kinds of fishing and aquaculture products are eaten in the neighboring country.

When do you eat in Portugal?

The answer is almost always yes, since dinner in Portugal takes place, on average, between 9 and 10 p.m. This is later than the European average and is only exceeded by the Spanish, who usually dine between 9:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.

What is eaten for breakfast in Portugal?

What do the Portuguese actually eat for breakfast? To start: Galão, the most drunk coffee in Portugal, espresso or cappuccino. As an accompaniment, toast with ham and cheese. The most basic version is a Torrada com mateiga, toasted with butter.