Typical Swiss dishes

Swiss It is a nation of farmers, recognized worldwide for its lakes, villages and towering mountains. Surrounded by countries like Germany, France and Italyits gastronomy has been influenced by its culinary traditions.

His recipes contain simple ingredients such as cheese, meat and potatoes, combined with regional influences from neighboring countries. Here you can enjoy the freshness and lightness of the flavor that inspires the french food. In addition to rich cream sauces brought from the north of Italyas well as the delicious meat al german style.

One of the best reasons to visit Swiss, is to taste its wonderful gastronomy. Discover the following list of typical dishes, that you must try at least once, if you visit this country.

10 typical Swiss dishes

Located in Central Europe, Swiss It has beautiful natural landscapes, medieval neighborhoods and monuments that are a dream for its visitors. In addition, it is the fourth richest country in the world, which is famous for its ski resorts, hiking trails, watches, cheeses and traditional chocolate.

Its geographical location borders countries like Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein. Therefore, it has a cultural variety, being the main attraction of the country, reflected in its gastronomy, which is extremely varied and delicious.

Among its ingredients, the swiss kitchen stands out for the use of cheese in most of his recipes, highlighting Gruyère, Emmental, Vacherin and Appenzeller. Another famous product known worldwide is the chocolatewhich was prepared for the first time with milk in this beautiful country.

On the other hand, the meats are prepared and served in multiple ways, highlighting the cervelat like a traditional cuisine sausage. Excellent quality hams, cured meats and sausages are also produced, cured in the majestic Alpine mountains. And among the breeds of cattle is the Simmental, appreciated for the quality of its milk and meat.

Although much is said about its mountains, landscapes and beautiful cities, the gastronomy in switzerland It is a worldwide delight. Then take note of the 10 typical Swiss dishes must-sees on your next trip to this dream destination.


typical Swiss dishes

The raclette is one of the most recognized traditional Swiss dishes, where its main ingredient is cheese, which bears the same name as the recipe. Its origin comes from Valais canton in Switzerlandmainly consumed by herders.

Its preparation consists of cutting the cheese in half, and placing it near the fire to melt the most superficial part. When this part is soft, pass a knife to separate it from the cheese that is still hard, and you already have your delicious portion. It is usually accompanied with potatoes, onions, pickles in vinegar and as a garnish for meats.

A very easy recipe to prepare on a Sunday with family and friends, and which is also ideal for the winter season due to its high caloric content.


typical Swiss dishes

These delicious macaroons from the Swiss Alpsis a typical rustic dish of the country’s culture. Its origin dates from the year 1930 and its name comes from its ingredients, which were used to feed the shepherds.

The elaboration of Älplermagronenhas a great influence of the Italian cuisine since its main ingredient is macaroni. In addition, this recipe is made up of potato, gruyere cheese, cream and nutmeg. For its preparation, the potatoes are boiled together with the macaroni, and once soft, it is baked together with the Gruyère cheese.

This irresistible dish can be combined with onion rings, and accompanied with an apple compote to captivate the most demanding palates.

Cheese fondue

typical Swiss dishes

Considered one of the most famous Swiss dishesthe cheese fondue it is basically a mixture of melted cheeses. The axis of this recipe consists of submerging different types of sandwiches in it, such as bread or boiled potatoes, with a kind of exclusive long forks for enjoying this delight.

In its preparation, the protagonist is the Gruyère cheese, combined with the elemental, Fribourgeois and Appenzeller. It is also accompanied by white wine, garlic and a little lemon juice. They are served in a ceramic pot called caquelonplaced on top of a stove (réchaud) or a fire, to keep the cheese warm.

The cheese fondue It is an exquisite meal to share with friends, and one of the most iconic foods that represents Swiss.


typical Swiss dishes

This traditional dish of Swiss culture is originally known as rööschti, and basically consists of fritter-style cooked potatoes. Since its inception, this recipe was the typical breakfast that farmers ate in the canton of Berncurrently being a dish that is eaten throughout the country.

The Röstis They are flattened eggless tortillas, prepared with grated potatoes with salt and pepper, fried in hot butter. The secret to this recipe is to cook the tortilla on one side covered with a lid or aluminum foil until crisp. Then carefully turn to cook the other side of the tortilla without the lid.

A delicious brunch to which you can add ingredients such as cheese, bacon, fresh herbs and onion, as well as accompany with eggs to make the rösti a versatile dish.


typical Swiss dishes

In the 1980s, this recipe was conceived in the department of Haute-Savoie near the French-Swiss border. The tartifletteis a basic dish that is consumed in most ski resorts, particularly those in the Roman Switzerland.

His recipe is an exquisite starchy combination of thinly sliced ​​potatoes, smoked bacon, caramelized onions, reblochon cheese and an incomparable nutty flavor. It is usually served in a mold with the appearance of a tartlet, all together gratin, and sometimes with some white wine.

If you are a cheese lover, with this culinary creation you will be able to enjoy the best flavor of reblochon cheese.

Zürcher Geschnetzeltes

Originally from the city of Zurichthe Zürcher Geschnetzeltes it is a typical dish that is easily found in every corner of Switzerland. Its translation means Zurich-style jerkya kind of stew with white sauce and typical regional flavors such as parsley and lemon juice.

Its preparation consists of a dish of beef cut into strips, cooked with mushrooms, onions, white wine and cream. This recipe is served with French fries, mashed potatoes, pasta, rice or the traditional rösti.

A stir-fried beef dish to enjoy with an exquisite Swiss white wine.

Risotto with saffron

Swiss typical dishes

This dish is a combination of the traditional cuisine of the canton of Ticino, with that of canton of valais. Its delicious recipe contains a special dressing called the red eye of munda small mountain town in the Valais. This community is the only town in Swiss that produces this saffron considered one of the best in the world.

Its preparation is made with risotto rice, which is slowly cooked with onions, broth, wine, cheese and saffron threads as the main ingredient. It is very common to accompany it with a luganighe sausage, made with pork, spices and red wine.

The Risotto with saffron, It is a comforting dish that you can find on all the menus of the Swiss restaurants.


Swiss typical dishes

The malakoff is a Swiss specialty that dates back to the 19th century, in the town of canton of Vaud. This recipe is very popular in western Switzerland, especially in the towns of Eysins, Luins, Begnings, Bursins and Vinzel, on the shores of Lake Geneva.

This fried cheese ball is made with gruyere cheese, white wine, flour, eggs, milk, garlic, pepper, nutmeg and bread. First the dough is prepared with grated cheese, milk, white wine, nutmeg, eggs and pepper. Then the mixture is fried little by little with the bread until the desired consistency is obtained.

A delicious appetizer worthy of being served on any occasion, to taste the best meals in the Swiss gastronomy.


Swiss typical dishes

The muesli It is a traditional breakfast, which was invented in Swiss around the year 1900 by the Dr Maximilian Bircher Benner. With the idea of ​​including healthy and energetic foods in the diet of his patients in a Zurich sanatorium, this doctor created the birchermüesli. A recipe with cereals and fruits, very healthy for humans.

Its preparation consists of mixing rolled oat flakes, dried fruit, nuts, lemon juice, milk or yogurt in a bowl. It can also be accompanied with fresh fruits such as raspberries or blueberries, they provide great nutrients to the daily diet.

This delicious dish today is eaten not only for breakfast, but it is also a healthy delicacy for dinner.


typical Swiss dishes

This typical food is consumed mostly in the central switzerlandHowever, it is a culinary tradition throughout the country, as well as in Germany and Austria. His recipe is very convenient and popular among backpackers and backcountry hunters, as they are easy to carry and prepare on a barbecue.

landjäger It is a semi-dry meat sausage, made with the combination of red wine, sugar, spices and different portions of beef and pork. This dish can be accompanied with fresh vegetables and potatoes.

The best snack to enjoy the traditional Swiss cuisinewhile doing outdoor activities.

As you can see, the Swiss gastronomy It does not have very complicated elaborations. However, thanks to its variety of recipes with exquisitely flavored ingredients, they provide great nutrients for people’s health.

If you are lucky enough to visit this wonderful destination, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy all the flavor that the food in switzerland has prepared for you.

Frequent questions

Next, the most frequent doubts that users have when searching the Internet for information regarding the typical Swiss dishes.

What are the typical Swiss dishes?

The Swiss cuisine It is unique and very varied according to its regions, which is influenced by the climate and neighboring cuisines. Among its ingredients stands out the cheese, ham, pepperoni, meats and spices indigenous to the country, which give their dishes an incomparable flavor.

Its rich gastronomy is made up of delicious typical dishes As the cheese fondue, raclette, landjäger, älplermagronen, rösti, risotto with mund saffron, malakoff, among others. In addition to healthy food like birchermüesliand exquisite cakes and sweets with its traditional Swiss chocolate.

What is the traditional food of Switzerland?

the cheese in Swiss plays a very important role for your gastronomy, being the protagonist in a large part of its traditional recipes. This is why since the 1950s, the Cheese fondue is set as the Swiss national dish.

This recipe is easy to make and requires very few ingredients. For its preparation, you need grated Swiss cheese, fresh garlic, a little Swiss white wine, corn starch flour to mix and a little lemon juice. It can also be seasoned with pepper and a pinch of nutmeg, making it an excellent appetizer for any occasion.