Where to eat in Florence

Many people go to Florence to walk its streets because they think that the best of this city are its monuments. But, in reality, the gastronomy of this area has also managed to win the hearts of many travelers and here we’ll give you a taste.

Throughout the next entry we will tell you where to eat in florence the best dishes that represent this culture. Our list is made up of restaurants that are reputable and affordable, based on the best user reviews on the internet:

Restaurants in Florence

Eating in Florence will be one of the most pleasant experiences you will live. Not only thanks to the fact that this city has a wide and delicious gastronomybut also because of its majestic streets and monuments, you will feel like you are eating in an open-air museum.

Next we will leave you a list of the best establishments to enjoy the best gastronomy in Florence, Italy.

the prosciutteria

the prosciutteria Florence

We begin our list of Best places to eat in Florence with La Prosciutteria. It is one of our favorites because it has a different concept than what you will usually find in a common restaurant, they do not have waiters.

In La Prosciutteria they have a wide variety of cheeses, sausages and pickles of great quality. But, since in this establishment they do not hire waiters, everything you want you must order directly at the bar and wait until it is ready to grab it on your own and take it to your table.

An interesting fact is that offer free water to travelers. This together with a friendly and fast customer service so that everyone who visits them feels at home and feels the desire to want to return at a new opportunity.

I’Tuscani 2

Where to eat in Florence

Next on our list of the best is I’Tuscani 2, an establishment dedicated to meat lovers. In fact, here you can taste a Bistecca alla fiorentina, which is a thick cut beef tenderloin grilled, made with a special touch that only in Florence know how to give it.

One of the best attributes of I’Tuscani 2 is that they only work with top quality meat Y really affordable prices compared to the competition. This is to ensure that customers get the best possible impression of the place.

In this establishment you can try their T-bone steaks or their hamburgers, accompanied with potatoes and grilled vegetables. Without a doubt, it is a gastronomic corner where you will eat very well and you will not spend more money than necessary.

I’ Pizzacchiere

Where to eat in Florence

It’s time to talk about one of our favorite restaurants, I’Pizzacchiere. It is impossible not to try a succulent pizza made with local and seasonal ingredients when you visit the beautiful city of Florence.

You won’t need more than €10 to eat delicious food in this little Italian corner and leave with a full stomach. Also, don’t be fooled by their structure, they are a small establishment where the service and food is of high quality.

At I’Pizzacchiere you can also taste calzone as one of its star dishes. Keep in mind that both their pizzas and the calzone include a totally free drink. That’s a big plus for travelers on a budget.

Rossi Firenze Factory

Where to eat in Florence

We could not fail to mention the Fattoria Rossi Firenze. This place has the peculiarity that its owners use home grown products for the elaboration of their recipes, which ensures that their products are healthier for their diners.

They actually have a farm where they grow all kinds of vegetables. They also have a production jams, cheese boards and organic sausages made with great care to offer its customers products of the highest quality.

Here you can taste the best Italian-Mediterranean food in Florence. Among its star products is its mixed sausage table and tomato and vegetable bruschettas, all delicious and attended by charming waiters.


Where to eat in Florence

SandwiChic is one of those restaurants with a familiar aroma that you will want to go to as many times as you can. Its structure is small, but it has a qualified staff to ensure that the rotation of tables is correct so that no one waits too long to be served.

At SandwiChic you can taste some olive bread paninis, spicy salami, dried tomatoes and cheese sauce to lick your fingers. all done with local and fresh ingredientsso that the flavors of each product are at their maximum splendor.

We are talking about one of the establishments with the more extensive menu of Florence. However, this is not a cause for concern, since their owners usually approach diners to guide them in their decision making.

Italian Degusteria agli Uffizi

Where to eat in Florence

For the pasta lovers we have the Degusteria Italiana agli Uffizi, a small but extremely charming establishment in Florence. In fact, its details make it the perfect environment for a romantic evening in the company of your partner.

In the Degusteria Italiana agli Uffizi you will find a menu with the best pasta from Florence. Although you can also choose between risottos, tartar, cheeses and good wines that will take your breath away while you wait for your food.

It’s not the cheapest establishment on our list, but it’s worth considering for a special occasion. This is because it will be an unforgettable evening, tasting exquisite food and first-class service.

Ghibellina Forno Pasticceria Bakery

Where to eat in Florence

Yes Do you want to have breakfast in Florence?, the best place is the Ghibellina Forno Pasticceria Bakery. It opens first thing in the morning so that from very early on you can enjoy one of his best creations, the italian coffee.

We are talking about a picturesque establishment where you can order freshly baked sweet and savory pastries. Also cakes and pastries of all kinds, where their freshly made bread and slices of pizza are the most famous in the place.

In addition, they have a first class staff, ready to assist you in the shortest possible time. In fact, they stand out in the sector for their fast customer service since they consider that the waiting time is a lack of respect.

Central Market

Where to eat in Florence

Eating at the Mercato Centrale in Florence is quite an experience. Especially since there you will find a gigantic repertoire of pure typical Italian food the best pricewhich guarantees that you will leave more than satisfied.

However, you should make sure to avoid peak hours because the place will be packed and the wait will be endless. So, make sure you take the weather forecast before you attend so you don’t have a headache.

Of course, if you manage to find an available table, you can taste the best italian food. In addition, in its surroundings there are many shops where you can buy typical items of Italian culture to take as a souvenir of this experience.

All’ Antico Vinaio

Where to eat in Florence

The All’ Antico Vinaio restaurant is a place from which you will never leave disappointed. That’s because they have tables of typical cold meats and cheeses from Florence that are to lick your fingers and ask for a portion to take home.

The quality of its products is so high that it managed to become one of the most famous restaurants in Florence, visited daily by many tourists. And while long queues can form inside, it moves fast.

The best thing about All’ Antico Vinaio is that it is designed for travelers. Since it is one of the local cheapest on our list and in addition, the customer service staff is trained to answer questions oriented to typical products of Florence.


Where to eat in Florence

We end our list of the best places to eat in Florence with the Gustarium. An establishment where you can eat pizza of all kindswith the mixture of ingredients that best suits you at the moment.

The customer service staff is very friendly and efficient, but, without a doubt, the best of the Gustarium are its artisanal pizzas. In your letter you will find a wide variety of options to choose from and you can even customize them.

It is not the cheapest pizzeria in Florence but it is worth visiting. In addition, all the ingredients they use to make their pizzas are local and seasonal. This ensures that the quality of their products remains at the top.

Do you know another restaurant where to eat in florence? Let us know in the comments section.

Frequently asked questions

Through the following lines we will reveal some information of interest that you surely did not know about eating in Florence, Italy.

What are the best restaurants to eat in Florence?

The best thing about eating in Florence is the variety of restaurants it offers you. However, the best ones are the following:

gustarium: They have handmade pizzas with all kinds of ingredients.
All’ Antico Vinaio: The best sausages and typical cheeses of Florence
Central Market: A place to find typical food from Florence and other corners of Italy.
Ghibellina Forno: The best breakfasts and with the best coffee in Florence.
Pasticceria Bakery: Their pasta menu is extensive.
Italian Degusteria agli Uffizi: They use homegrown ingredients to prepare their recipes.
SandwiChic: All kinds of pastries in a family atmosphere.
Rossi Firenze Factory: You will find the best Italian pasta on their menu.
I’ Pizzacchiere: The cheapest pizzas in the city.
I’Tuscani 2: Special for meat lovers.
the prosciutteria: They have high quality cheeses, sausages and pickles

What is the average price of a meal in Florence?

The average price in a cheap restaurant in Florence is 15€. However, for the most sophisticated palates there are other less affordable alternatives, but more in line with their expectations and demands.

What food to try in Florence?

We recommend you try the homemade ravioli, not the premade ravioli. Ravioli are one of the delicacies of Florence, highly sought after by tourists who cover its streets daily.

You can also try their high quality cheese boards and sausages. It is one of its great pride, so much so that there are many establishments that have farms for the personal production of these products.