Where to eat in Rome

Rome It is an open-air art gallery, with Renaissance palaces, ancient ruins and artistic works spread throughout its territory. Whether you are in the Coliseumin it Pantheon or in the majesty of the Sistine Chapelthis city will make you fall in love with all its views.

Its beautiful streets have elegant restaurants and bustling barswhere you can enjoy the delicious gastronomy of the locality In addition to living the experience of its intense nightlife, in its spaces with a modern and cozy atmosphere, but faithful to the traditional flavors of the country.

Here you will find numerous establishments with Michelin stars, being a gastronomic destination impossible to miss. Dare to taste the best Italian recipes, and discover the following list of restaurants to eat in Rome on your next visit to this wonderful city.

Restaurants in Rome

known as the geographic heart of the catholic religion, Rome It is a holy city of Catholicism and a pilgrimage destination for its tourists. Its history spans three millennia as the capital of the Republic and the Roman empireso it has a high concentration of historical and architectural assets of the world.

In addition to its majestic monuments and historical heritage, Rome It has one of the oldest and most important civilizations in the world. Being of great influence in the succeeding centuries for society with its culture, language, architecture, philosophy, gastronomy, religion and other important aspects.

For her part, the Roman gastronomy is traditionally a popular cuisine born in a peasant environment of the Roman countryside. With the passage of time, it has taken a great boom in Italian food, and it is served in the best restaurants in the country for its attractive flavor.

Influenced mostly by the hebrew cuisineRoman recipes stand out for their taste for strong and determined flavors and aromas. In addition, it also has bold combinations of opposite flavors, which are a delicacy to the palate.

The typical food is made up of hors d’oeuvres or antipastifollowed by a first course generally composed of pasta, risotto, potato gnocchi, or various types of soup. Then continue with a second course of meat or fish with garnishes, and ends with some type of sweet dessert or fruit.

Now that you know much more about this succulent gastronomy, below we detail the 10 best restaurants to eat in Rome for your next trip.

Central Market

Where to eat in Rome

Very close to the termini stationis found the Central Market Rome. A huge space to enjoy delicious and traditional food, adapted to all kinds of people and with affordable prices.

This market has the best proposals gastronomy of Rome, with typical Italian recipes, as well as more innovative bets. In its 19 establishments you can find local products, as well as restaurants with simple and high-class foodprepared with fresh and top quality ingredients.

An excellent place to feed the soul and stomachsince in addition to its food it also has a wide range of artistic, musical and cultural events.

for me

Where to eat in Rome

In it heart of rome it’s found for me, a restaurant steeped in Italian tradition that protects its culinary customs. It has a sober, dark and simple appearance, which expresses the elegance and purity of the place.

Its menu is very dynamic and European in character, where you can find dishes with different types of meat, seasonal vegetables and other high-quality fresh ingredients. It has a gastronomic proposal that begins with starters with mixed flavors and main courses with seafood, meat and pasta.

In for me You can taste their dishes inside the restaurant, or on the terrace with cobbled floors outside. A wonderful space, to enjoy the best experience that nature gives you.


Where to eat in Rome

Located near the Spain Squarethe pompi pastry with the best tiramisu in Rome. Here you can find a wide variety of sweets, ice creams, breakfasts and drinks that promote Italian gastronomic tradition in the world.

In booty you can enjoy an exquisite typical Italian breakfast, a midday snack with baguettes or a delicious ice cream with fresh seasonal fruits. Your star dish is tiramisuwith a wide variety of flavors to taste such as pistachio, mango, strawberry, coconut, pineapple, caramel and others.

Delight your palate with its irresistible recipes, and intoxicate your nose with the unmistakable smell of coffee, chocolate, and refined infusions or freshly squeezed citrus juices.

glass hostaria

Where to eat in Rome

in the middle of Trastevere, Rome, it’s found Glass Hostaria, with a curious gastronomy, with a lot of personality and character of Italian cuisine. It has a contemporary and innovative space, with creative lighting and bronze details that preserves the historical atmosphere of the town.

Its menu is made up of four courses, appetizers and other pleasant surprises of contemporary gastronomy of traditional Italian flavors. The recipes stand out for the variety of pasta, seafood, fruits, vegetables and delicious spices. In addition, it has a tasting menu, where the vegetarian is more attractive.

A haute cuisine restaurant, ideal if you want to embark on a culinary adventure of the Italian food with eclectic roots.

Rione XIV

Where to eat in Rome

Rione XIV It is a small restaurant located in the Vaticanconsidered one of the best in Rome. Here your visitors can enjoy its beautiful decoration, festive atmosphere and the best attention from its high quality professional team. In addition, the prices of their products are affordable for everyone.

The Italian cuisine forms a fundamental part of your menu, which is why they stand out for their homemade pizzas and pasta. You can order from spaghetti carbonara, as well as a surprising lasagna or a Roma pizza. You can also enjoy a sweet tiramisu, cheesecake and a unique parfait, accompanied with coffee or a wine from its varied menu.

If you are visiting the Vatican, Rione XIV It is the best option to taste the best of traditional food.

Old Weight

Where to eat in Rome

Located in the beautiful neighborhood of Rome Trastevereis the famous Antica Pesa Trattoria. Its spaces offer an interesting atmosphere, with photographs of familiar faces that merge with pictorial works by contemporary artists and a beautiful modern fireplace. It also has excellent service, and you will be impressed by its fair prices.

the menu of Old Weight is based on the traditional roman cuisine, made with regional products from Lazio, very fresh and of high quality. Among its recipes, the unique roasted octopus, spaghetti carbonara and the perfectly prepared spaghetti with cheese and pepper stand out. It also has tasty desserts and a very extensive wine list.

This restaurant is part of the must-sees of the gastronomy of Rome for its history, exquisite dishes, wonderful service and atmosphere cozy.

Osteria Da Fortunata

Where to eat in Rome

The Osteria Da Fortunata It is one of the favorite restaurants where to eat in rome. Located in the vicinity of Campo di Fiori and Piazza Navona, this restaurant is known for the quality of its products. In addition, you have the possibility of observe through their windows the way they prepare their fresh pasta.

Its cuisine stands out for its strozzapreti carbonara, which is one of the specialties of the house. In addition to the tagliolini Cacio Pepe, the homemade spaghetti with cheese and pepper and the tender suppli croquettes. And as a key point of this place, you cannot miss trying the delicate tiramisu of the house, and savoring its unbeatable wine and spectacular coffee.

In the Osteria da Fortunata you will be able to enjoy the quality of traditional Italian food with its generous portions.

Mr. 100 Tiramisu

Where to eat in Rome

Very close to the navona square, it’s found Mr. 100 Tiramisu. Here you will not only enjoy its exquisite food, but also try its unique tiramisu of different flavors such as Kinder, Mars, kitkat, Ferrero roché, mojito, limoncello, and more.

In addition to tiramisu, they are also specialized in sausage boards with a large delicatessen section. Among its products, its tasty salami, well-worked Italian ham and its generous burrata cheese stand out. They also offer as a key point, an irresistible white wine, as well as espresso coffee, tea and chocolate milk.

In Mr. 100 Tiramisu you can enjoy excellent service, fair prices and unique decoration with a cozy atmosphere.

Terrace Les Etoiles

Where to eat in Rome

In the Terrace Les Etoilesthe view is lost to 360 degrees on Romegalloping from the Vatican Museums to the Monte Mario astronomical observatory. It is located on top of Atlante Star Hoteland has an eclectic atmosphere with a transversal soul.

Your kitchen includes Mediterranean cuisine dishesas well as a wonderful wine and irresistible champagne that you can enjoy in the roof garden. It also has quality service from its staff, as well as an admirable decoration and cozy atmosphere.

A magical place to appreciate the best outdoor view of Vatican City and its surroundings, while you enjoy the taste of its gastronomy.


Where to eat in Rome

Situated in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, Pipero is a modern and refined restaurant specializing in modern italian gastronomy. Its spaces have large windows that offer a magnificent view of the jewel of architecture, the Piazza della Chiesa Nuova.

the kitchen of pipero It changes according to the season, and here you can discover authentic Italian cuisine. His specialties include donkey and alici risotto, funghi, foie gras and mirtilli, lychee and rose, among others. As well as delicious desserts, and drinks such as wine, champagne, cappuccino, lemonade or its unbeatable tea.

Wonderful view, delicious flavor and excellent service, all in one place.

Live the magical experience of trying the flavors of rome in its modern restaurants, while you enjoy its imposing landscapes full of history.

Frequently asked questions

Next, we are going to clarify the most frequent concerns that Internet users have when they search for the best sites. where to eat in rome

How much does a meal cost in Rome?

The prices to eat in Rome They change a lot depending on the area where you are, and especially if you eat sitting down or at the bar. Prices at the bar are mostly fixed, and are usually quite low compared to prices with waiter service.

For a breakfast at the standing bar in an establishment without majestic views, it can be calculated at 9 euros per person. For the lunches and dinners, the average price of the first course is between 12 euros, and the second courses are around 18 euros. For his part, sweets like tiramisu or cakes They cost between 5 to 6 euros per portion.

If you want a good price, and with several dishes to taste, we recommend you choose a tourist menu. These usually include a sweet, a first and second course, accompanied by water and coffee.

What are the best restaurants to eat in Rome?

With a traditional and very popular cuisine, Rome It has one of the richest cuisines in the world. Its menu consisting of appetizers, hors d’oeuvres, main courses and sweets, are a delicacy to please the most demanding palates.

Its streets have a wide variety of places with delicious recipes, excellent service and a variety of prices. Between the best restaurants in Rome highlight the Per Me, Rione XIV, Antica Pesa, Glass Hostaria, Osteria Da Fortunata and Terrazza Les Étoiles. And for the sweet flavors, you can’t stop eating at Pompi and Mr. 100 Tiramisu.

To enjoy all the flavor of the gastronomy of Romewe recommend you eat at the Central Market Rome. Here you can get the best traditional recipes, as well as local products of great freshness and quality.