Affordable restaurants in Scarborough

7 restaurants
With a price of 30-45£

Imagen White Horse and Griffin

White Horse and Griffin / British

87 Church Street Scarborough
Imagen tuscany TOO

tuscany TOO / Italian

Closed · Opens at 5:30
6 Filey Road Scarborough
Imagen Bella Italia Ristorante

Bella Italia Ristorante / Italian

Closed · Opens at 5:30
20-24 Mitford Street Scarborough
Imagen Lazenby's on York Place

Lazenby's on York Place / Other cuisines

Closed today
11 York Place Scarborough
Imagen North Beach Cafe

North Beach Cafe / Other cuisines

Closed · Opens at 10am
North Promenade Scarborough
Imagen Boddys on North Street Cafe

Boddys on North Street Cafe / Other cuisines

8 North Street Scarborough
Imagen Steps Steak Restaurant

Steps Steak Restaurant / Other european cuisines

17 York Place Scarborough