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Restaurante The White Swan en Selby

The White Swan

9 Main St, Bubwith, Selby YO8 6LT

Other cuisines
Closed ·
Opens at 12pm
Restaurante The Rythre Arms en Selby

The Rythre Arms

Main St, Ryther, Tadcaster LS24 9EE

Closed ·
Opens at 5:30pm
Restaurante THE NEW HUNTSMAN INN en Selby


105 Main Rd, Drax, Selby YO8 8NT

Closed ·
Opens at 3pm


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201 restaurants

Imagen Regency Restaurant

Regency Restaurant

Closed · Opens at 8am
Imagen Squires Biker Cafe

Squires Biker Cafe / British

Closed · Opens at 9am
Newthorpe Lane Selby
Imagen The Giant Bellflower Wetherspoon

The Giant Bellflower Wetherspoon / British

Closed · Opens at 8am
Gowthorpe Selby
Imagen McDonald's

McDonald's / Fast food

Open 24 hours
Three Lakes Retail Pk Selby
Imagen The Wishing Well

The Wishing Well / Other cuisines

Open 24 hours
Oakney Wood Road Selby
Imagen The Crooked Billet

The Crooked Billet / British

Closed · Opens at 10:30am
Wakefield Road Selby
Imagen The Black Dog Inn

The Black Dog Inn / British

Closed · Opens at 12pm
Selby Road Selby
Imagen Selby Garden Certre

Selby Garden Certre

Closed · Opens at 9am
Hull Road Selby
Imagen The Rythre Arms

The Rythre Arms / American

Closed · Opens at 5:30pm
Main Street, Ryther Selby
Imagen Mister C's

Mister C's / British

Closed · Opens at 12pm
Micklegate Selby
Frequently asked questions about Selby:
The best place to have lunch or dinner in Selby is The White Swan rangoPrecioAlto, The Rythre Arms rangoPrecioMedioy THE NEW HUNTSMAN INN rangoPrecioBajo.
The best British restaurants in Selby are Squires Biker Cafe with an average of 4.6, The Giant Bellflower Wetherspoon with 1436 votes y The Queen o' t' owd Thatch with an average price of 30-45£.
The traditional type of cuisine in Selby is the british.
In Selby there are 201 restaurants.
The best restaurant in Selby is es Regency Restaurant.